Will Amazon Become The King of Web Hosting Too?

Amazon’s web services are on track to being a half-a-billion dollar business. They are home to some of the hottest startups on the planet. Ironically, the company which put Cloud in computing has found a new opportunity in a decidedly old fashioned business – web hosting.

Is Microsoft’s Great Ad Experiment Over?

msadvertisingNearly two years ago, Microsoft (s msft) CEO Steve Ballmer told a group of European advertising executives that he saw online ads generating one-quarter of Microsoft’s revenue within a few years. Yet in the quarter ended June 30, Microsoft’s Online Services Business turned in sales of just $731 million, some 5 percent of its $13.1 billion total. It was also the company’s worst-performing division, with an operating loss of $732 million. In other words, Microsoft spent $2 for every $1 it made online. So with the recent Yahoo search deal and today’s sale of its Razorfish digital ad shop, is Microsoft trying to get out of the ad business? Read More about Is Microsoft’s Great Ad Experiment Over?