Readability ends publisher payment program

Readability, a web and mobile app that lets users save content to read later, is ending the publisher payment program it launched in February 2011. Surprisingly, many readers paid — but most publishers didn’t collect the funds.

ProQuest’s Udini is a cloud-based research tool for regular people

Online research database ProQuest’s usual customers are libraries and other large institutions that can afford to pay a lot for access. ProQuest’s new cloud-based tool, Udini, aims to make Internet research easy and affordable for everyday people — and builds in some Evernote and Instapaper-inspired features.

Instapaper, Readability and monetizing other people’s content

There’s been a lot of criticism of Readability for collecting money from readers who use its ad-stripping service. But its approach is actually better than some others — and that desire on the part of readers is something publishers need to figure out how to accommodate.