Reader Feedback Required: The Infrastructure Theories

With our first conference behind us and the new design almost finished, it is time to focus on the task at hand: writing. I have been wondering about how to tweak the editorial mix to better meet the needs of our community. To that end, one of the topics I want to focus heavily on going forward is Internet infrastructure.

I think we are in a period of flux when it comes to Internet Infrastructure. How long, for example, can Dell or Sun continue to be box makers; when do they actually become computer utilities? Or don’t they? The old rules of the telecom hardware business don’t make sense in a world in which companies like Google and Microsoft spend billions of dollars buying networking gear. Nicholas Carr talks about these ideas in his new book, “The Big Switch.” What it means is a whole new way of thinking that includes new technologies, new startups and new ideas.

The infrastructure focus as I envision it would run along these lines: Internet data centers and related technologies, entertainment networks, client computers and other gadgets. The approach I plan on taking involves looking at new equipment offerings, bandwidth and capacity improvements, new protocols, startups — and how content companies influence it all.

What would be more fun is if you could help me shape the coverage. Let me know what topics you’d like me to write about, as well as if you’re interested in shorter posts or more contextual work, such as the piece on Google using its infrastructure as a competitive advantage. And who are the people you’d be most interested in reading about? The comments are open, and I eagerly await your feedback.