How media companies can think more like startups

Many startups like Tumblr and Airbnb have become successful because they focused on filling a need that their founders had, and then turned that into a business, and there are a number of important lessons in that kind of approach for traditional media companies.

Crossing the newspaper chasm: Is it better to be funded by readers?

The Financial Times and New York Times are at or close to the point where subscription revenue exceeds advertising revenue. This means their paywalls are working, but it also means advertisers are fleeing — and the implications of that for journalism could be significant.

The NYT tries to get its readers to ‘level up’

A new commenting system at the New York Times has drawn fire from readers, but the motivation for the move is sound. If media companies want to behave like communities (which they should), they need to encourage their readers to “level up” and become more engaged.

NetNewsWire – Now free as a bird

NetNewsWire Tip to Colin from The Uber Geeks for the news that NewsGator has now made 4 of it’s products free.
NetNewsWire, FeedDemon, NewsGator Inbox, and NewsGator Go! are all available for download now for free.
If you purchased any of those apps after December 9, 2007 you can get a full refund.
So why did they release all of these applications for free? As Nick and Greg put it, it’s simply a marketing a move to saturate the market more for their other for-pay services.
NetNewsWire has long been my favorite RSS reader and it’s great to see it being made available to even more users.
Oh, and if you didn’t notice, each of those apps also received an update!