Readmill boosts independent e-books with new features

Berlin startup Readmill’s iPad-based social reading app has got plenty of attention. Now it’s getting a significant update that will make it simpler and easier to use for everyone — including making it more useful for independent publishers to hook themselves in to.

Digital reading beginning to take Chinese mindshare

The newspaper industry frequently thanks emerging markets growth for the surprising quirk of global print circulation growth.

But now emerging markets, too, are becoming advanced online media markets.

College kids hate textbooks. Can e-books really help?

It’s no secret that most college students aren’t crazy about textbooks. But will moving required reading materials to an e-book format really change all that? Recent market research indicates that it just might — and that college students are demanding to go digital more than ever before.

Scribd launches Float, an app for the digital bookworm

Scribd has launched a new iPhone and web application called Float aimed at putting all of a user’s reading materials — from books, to blog posts, to newspaper and magazine articles — in one integrated format. But will the app be too ambitious for its own good?

Tools and Tips for Better Online Reading

Eyestrain and ocular fatigue used to be associated with the computer screens themselves, but the root of the problem is actually incorrect screen settings and poor reading habits. To improve our online reading experience, we only need to have the proper screen settings, tools and habits.

One Month Later: The iPad

It’s been a little over a month since I’ve introduced the iPad to my digital workflow and I’m now convinced that I had an iPad-sized hole in my life. The iPad is a device I rarely leave the house without.