Zillow acquires NYC-based real estate company Buyfolio

Real estate listing company Zillow announces Wednesday that it’s acquired Buyfolio, a NYC-based company that allows prospective home buyers to organize and communicate with brokers as they go through the home search process. Zillow went public in 2011 and focuses on real estate sales.

Zillow CEO says he was luckier than most monetizing for mobile

Making money off mobile advertising isn’t an easy job, but Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff said Friday at GigaOM’s Mobilize conference that being a real estate company gave them a leg up on this challenge, since most users can actually benefit from the ads they see.

Pinterest, Palantir & harsh reality of SF real estate

To say that Silicon Valley real estate market is hot would be an understatement. Start-ups are are pushing the rents to stratospheric heights in parts of Silicon Valley. Thanks to fast growing companies like Pinterest, the real estate market is going to get even hotter.