Telefónica Digital buys WebRTC and video chat expert Tokbox

Video chat startup turned real-time communications platform provider Tokbox has been acquired by Telefónica Digital, the international business arm of Spain’s telco giant Telefónica. Together, they want to provide communication services to developers, combining SMS, voice, video and billing with one simple API.

Will Facebook Help Social Gaming Find Its Voice?

Last week, when I read the news about Vivox’s voice plug-in coming to Facebook, it got me thinking about what the integration of voice capabilities into general-purpose, consumer facing social networks would mean. Like most people, my initial reaction is to cringe. You can’t blame me for feeling that way, especially if you’ve experienced the interruption of Facebook Chat messages from random connections popping up willy-nilly during work hours. That said, when I get past my anti-social tendencies and think of the potential that voice adds to the social network and its associated apps, I can’t help but think this may be, well, game-changing.