The Real-Time Web Isn’t the New Internet

There’s a fair amount of confusion in the mainstream media around how the value of the real-time web differs from that of the traditional one, as evidenced by a recent USA Today story, in which the “real-time web” was described as “the latest iteration of the Internet…exemplified by the obsessive use of PCs or cell phones.” Though the “real-time web” is sometimes described as the next evolution of the Internet, it’s more likely to co-exist with and complement, rather than supplant, the Internet we’ve been using so far. We’ll use these two webs in decidedly different ways.

Today in Social

Though a lot has been written about Google’s Twitter envy with respect to real-time search, its new YouTube feature may be more enviable than some of the real-time search startups that have sprouted. “When there is a spike in searches on a given topic, we are beginning to tease that out on our browse pages to help you see what the world is watching on any given day,” YouTube says. When Kanye West eventually takes credit for this, which he will, he might not be completely wrong.

With Real-Time Search Booming, OneRiot Launches API

oneriotlogoWant to know what’s going on right this second? Real-time search engine OneRiot is launching (right now!) an API that widget and app makers can use to tap into its stream of real-time content. The search engine, which is focusing heavily on real-time content — social networks, freshly uploaded videos, and newly created blog articles — helps users find what’s happening right now on the web. It’s a booming business. Read More about With Real-Time Search Booming, OneRiot Launches API