Voxer for Business is an intercom for the 21st century

I got a demo earlier this week of Voxer for Business, which is a real-time voice chat solution for business use. It reminds me of a web-based intercom solution for businesses that have lots of people who would like to remain in contact by mobile devices. It is based on the popular Voxer push-to-talk messaging solution, but has a number of added capabilities.

The mobile clients are available for iOS, Android and Windows phones:


However, the Voxer for business adds a number of very helpful management tools. Voxer for Business includes employee account management, a private Voxer network, a dashboard that allows multiple chats to be handled via browser, a map of where all the users in the network are located at any given time, and control of all communications.

Here’s the real-time dashboard showing the map:


And below you get an idea of parallel chats going on with different groups across the company.


The Bottom Line

My sense is that Voxer for Business fills a need for many companies, or the out-in-the-field parts of companies. Think about a large engineering firm, with people working on different job sites, and needing to communicate within and across groups in real time by voice. Or a small window washing company, or real estate agents, or taxi drivers in a fleet.

I have seldom seen a product so well-matched to serving the needs of a constituency as Voxer does for those people who work away from a desk, and the mixed community of those field staff and the headquarters staff supporting them.