Xmas Cleanup: Where to Recycle Your Old Gadgets

It’s that time of year again: time to get rid of your old, busted or just plain out-of-date gadgets, cell phones and computers to make way for your brand spanking new ones. Here some new, old and innovative ways to do it:

Top 10 Overlooked Favorites From 2008

There’s a lot of online video that never manages to break out, is overshadowed by other series, or is just too weird and obscure to find an audience. But while sometimes that’s for the best, sometimes some real gems get overlooked. Here’s a list of overlooked favorites from 2008:

  1. Wreck and Salvage‘s eclectic videos repurposed found footage and news clips to create fresh shorts from an askew viewpoint. Personal favorite: the absurdist series Suppendapo, a Home Shopping Network for the post-apocalypse.
  2. The Googling: This brilliantly executed five-part series of shorts danced nicely on the line between horror and comedy, playing with traditional thriller movie tropes and humanity’s all-too-rational fear of technology.

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e-Cycling Overload: Flipswap Calls In $14M

Flipswap, a cell phone recycling and trade-in web site, says this morning it is raising $14 million from NGEN Partners and RRE Ventures. The three year old site is one of several e-cycling services that have raised money in the last several months in order to expand and bring in more users.

ReCellular Calls In $15M in Funding

With so many electronics makers and independent firms out there ready to recycle or revamp your cell phone, there really are no more excuses for tossing it in the trashbin. One of the longest-standing is ReCellular, which claims to be “the world’s largest recycler and reseller of used cellular phones and accessories.” Yesterday the nearly two decades old Dexter, Mich.-based company said it had raised $15 million from Investor Growth Capital to help grow its operations.

ReCellular says its revenues have already grown an average of 25 percent per year for the past eight years, and this year is on track to process more than 6 million phones. The new capital will be used to ramp up its expansion, the company says, including opening more offices and hiring more staff. ReCellular says it is also looking to make some acquisitions in the gizmo recycling space.
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Martin Remakes FCC

MediaChannel.org reports that FCC Chairman Kevin Martin has made wholesale changes at the bureau, and one of the possible impact of the moves could be delay in “the $17.6 billion sale of Adelphia Communications Corp. to Time Warner Inc. and Comcast Corp.” (Thanks Ward)