Is Broadband a Basic Right? Finland Says Yes!

The Finnish telecommunications regulator today said that the country’s citizens have a basic right to broadband speeds of 1 Mbps and suggested that the operators who have to supply such a service could charge between 30 to 40 Euros ($36.70 and $48.90) per month.

What the Web Is Saying on Broadband Reclassification

The FCC will begin the process of  reclassifying broadband as a telecommunications service subject to greater regulatory oversight from the agency. The reclassification was in response to a court ruling that challenged the FCC’s ability to enforce network neutrality under the current broadband regulatory regime. Here’s what the web is saying.

Does the FCC Plan to Give Up on Broadband Regulation?

The Federal Communications Commission may soon abandon its plan to reclassify high-speed Internet access as a transport service subject to its regulation. As a result the agency’s plans on issues from network neutrality and universal service fund reform could face legal challenges.