iOS App Store rule change could be targeting pay-per-install apps

Apple’s iOS App Store has introduced a significant rule change: no more apps that promote third-party apps that look too much like Apple’s own App Store. But Apple may not be targeting quality app recommendation services as much as cheap knock-offs and pay-per-install marketing campaigns.

Livestar builds a mobile search engine for recommendations

Livestar, a new iPhone app, makes it easy to find the two kinds of recommendations that matter most to many users: friend suggestions and professional reviews. The app from former Microsoft exec Fritz Lanman serves as a sort of search engine, Q&A platform and review aggregator.

Is it time to retire the 5-star rating system?

Thanks to the rating systems in place on such popular websites as Yelp, Amazon and eBay, many people are comfortable evaluating things in absolute terms: a two-star restaurant, a B movie and so on. But new MIT research says this approach is fundamentally flawed.