Making a billion Facebook users pay off

Can Facebook do things with a billion users that it couldn’t do with half that number? CEO Mark Zuckerberg is dropping hints, but so far, they’re just hints.

Friendster founder launches social-news app, but will it fly?

Friendster founder Jonathan Abrams has launched a news-filtering service called Nuzzel that is powered by social-networking activity. But while his previous ventures have been early to the market, his new offering suffers from the opposite problem — the market is already saturated with similar services.

Wine site Snooth builds a virtual sommelier for Springpad

Snooth is making wine recommendations on every recipe that Springpad users clip. Rather than hire an army of sommeliers to suggest pairings for the countless recipes on the web, Snoot has built an algorithm that deconstructs recipes and matches them to their ideal wine profiles.