AT&T’s Q4 will be a doozey thanks to the smartphone

AT&T Mobility CEO Ralph de la Vega predicts a record smartphone sales quarter over the holidays, beating even last year’s 9.4 million device sales. The conditions that made last year’s Q4 a success are in place, including the timely fall release of the iPhone.

Samsung hits 300-million-phone goal with a month to spare

In July, Samsung projected it would have a record-breaking year, selling 300 million handsets, driven by the popularity of its Galaxy smartphone line. It turns out Samsung hit that target in November and still has one traditionally very lucrative month to build on that success.

iPad Claims New Honor: Fastest Selling Electronic Device Ever

Analysts at Bernstein Research have bestowed an interesting honor upon Apple’s groundbreaking tablet device: that of fastest selling electronic device of all time. Adoption rates for the iPad are unparalleled when it comes to non-phone devices, selling an estimated 4.5 million units per quarter.

Tweetie for Mac Update: Now With Video Tweeting


Tweetie for Mac, big brother to the game-changing iPhone Twitter client of the same name, is shaking things up again with the desktop app’s latest update.

The update incorporates a range of smaller fixes and tweaks, including swipe gestures and improved URL-shortening. However, the big news is that Tweetie for Mac now incorporates video tweeting.

Video means that we can start creating richer tweets. The 140-character limit is all well and good, but for me, the idea of capturing moments on video has already set the sparks of inspiration flashing around my brain-box.

To give you an example, here’s a quick tweet I made yesterday, testing out Tweetie’s video upload: Me! Live! Playing Sigur Rós on glockenspiel, just for you.” Read More about Tweetie for Mac Update: Now With Video Tweeting

App Review: Quick Voice Pro — Voice to Text Email for iPhone

title=Quick Voice Pro

By converting your voice messages into text e-mails, Quick Voice Pro could be a time-saving boon for busy iPhone owners.

Empowered by our emails, tweets, IM conversations, and blogs, we’ve become modern-day information conduits. We collect knowledge, then discharge it into the ether, spurting out a constant fountain of fact, fiction and entertainment.

Quick Voice Pro is a new tool that could make sharing your thoughts even easier. The app converts audio recordings into text-based e-mails, using an online voice-recognition system. Read More about App Review: Quick Voice Pro — Voice to Text Email for iPhone

Watch Your Web Site Users With Clixpy


Do you ever want to peek over the shoulder of your web site visitors to see how they move about and navigate? As site owners, we often make assumptions as to how people are getting to particular pages or using particular functionality. Armed with pages and pages of analytics statistics we focus on what people are viewing or searching for.

Sometimes, though, there is no substitute for just watching how people interact and use your site to really understand your users’ behavior. Usability and testing tool Clixpy hopes to make that possible.

Read More about Watch Your Web Site Users With Clixpy

App Review: Tumblr — Collect Every Moment Wherever You Go


Developed by Mobelux, and formerly known as Tumblrette, the official Tumblr iPhone app has now arrived.

Tumblr is essentially the short ‘n sweet side of blogging: Posts are ultra-snappy, comprised of mixed-media uploads such as images, quotes, audio and video. The service is free, via, and, since the site is so intuitively designed, it’s incredibly easy for new users to dive straight in.
The result of this platform, paired with such a simple and effective interface, is the ultra-diverse Tumblr community. Browsing through various tumblelogs is like sifting through the Lost and Found Department of the entire Internet. It’s a beautiful mess of everything and anything, from the shocking to the spectacular.
Over on the iPhone, the official Tumblr app integrates all the features of the main site, plus a couple of unexpected welcome additions. Read More about App Review: Tumblr — Collect Every Moment Wherever You Go

Weekly App Store Roundup: Feb. 7, 2009


Wrapping up another seven days and bringing you the freshest picks, it’s time for this week’s App Store Roundup.

Tom Reetsman kicked off the week by calling Technologizer’s Ed Oswald out on an article he wrote about MobileMe, the general gist of it being that Oswald canceled MobileMe, only to lament the disappearance of his data.

By Tuesday, Google added Tasks syncing to the already impressive Gmail web app. Wednesday saw a roundup of iPhone time tracking apps, essential tools for freelancers managing multiple projects. As I’ve mentioned before, Harvest — my favorite time tracking service — has a fantastic web app available for iPhone.

Finally, our own Matthew Bookspan pitted two productivity services against each other — DEVONthink Pro Office and Evernote Premium. Contrary to my preference (I’m an avid Evernote iPhone and OS X app user), it seems that DEVONthink’s tool came out on top.

Moving on, let’s talk about apps, this week I’ve been looking at ExZeus, Aggravate Nails on Chalkboard, Audio Memos Free – The Voice Recorder, Epiphany Recorded and Rolando Lite.
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Weekly App Store Roundup: Nov. 8, 2008

It’s been a good week for iPhone owners, in particular we’ve had cause to celebrate with AT&T’s announcement of tethering and a sneak peek at the new iPhone firmware revealing podcast downloading on the go. As ever, the App Store has continued to grow like a digital garden of eden and now it’s time for us to hand-pick a few promising apps and find out which are the juiciest and which needed a little more time to ripen.
This week we’re looking at Remember The Milk, Mokugyo (With Cat), Ocarina and iFriends.
Remember The Milk (free) – Remember The Milk is a clever site that gives you a selection of list-based tools for keeping track of all the tasks that life throws at you. It makes use of a great methodology called Getting Things Done. This fantastic iPhone app links in to your online RTM account, meaning you can become a blur of productivity even when you’re on the go.
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