TechUniversity Freebie: Intro to Recording a Podcast

Today we’ve got a full-length TechUniversity freebie for you! Embedded below is a 17 minute screencast on recording a podcast with GarageBand. We’ll walk you through what equipment you need and how to record and export your podcast with GarageBand.

I Stream, You Stream, We All Stream with Ustream for iPhone

Just released this morning, the new Ustream Live Broadcaster app (iTunes link) actually allows you to stream live video from your video-capable iPhone 3GS to the web, something which the recently released Qik app couldn’t (and still can’t) boast. It’s the first app to offer live streaming from Apple’s (s aapl) handset, and it even allows you to do so over both Wi-Fi and 3G connections.

In order to use the app, you’ll need to sign up for a free Ustream account if you don’t already have one. Ustream will prompt you to do so, and then allow you to register right within the app, without having to even pop out to Safari to complete the process.

As with any Ustream video, your live stream will be automatically recorded and stored on your Ustream account for later viewing. You can also notify your friends via Twitter that you’re starting a stream, and take advantage of Ustream’s built-in chat and Social Stream features to interact with viewers watching your video in real-time while you shoot. Obviously not something you can do while recording yourself, unless you are so intimately familiar with your iPhone that you can type when the screen isn’t facing you. Read More about I Stream, You Stream, We All Stream with Ustream for iPhone

Qik Gets Legit On the iPhone, Loses Core Feature


It seems like just yesterday Kevin Rose was teasing us all with tantalizing tweets about an upcoming Qik iPhone application that would allow you to stream live video from your device to the web. Of course, that was before the iPhone 3GS, which brought actual video recording capabilities. Somehow, in those heady, optimistic days, it still seemed possible that the Qik app might make it into the App Store.

Time passed, we grew older, experienced the harsh disappointment of a fickle and dubiously motivated App Store approval process, and Qik came to jailbroken phones, as do all of the good apps that actually do things iPhone owners would like to be able to do with the devices we overpaid for. There seemed to be little hope of ever seeing Qik in the App Store. But look, that’s exactly where it is (iTunes link), as of today. Read More about Qik Gets Legit On the iPhone, Loses Core Feature

Apple Looking to Add Photog Flair to iPod Line?


Evidence is mounting that Apple (s aapl) could indeed be planning on bringing at least one new hardware feature to the iPod touch. First, it was just general whisperings, involving the addition of a video camera after the appearance of the iPhone 3GS with similar functions. Then, a crop of case designs turned up that boasted a cut-out hole, presumably to allow outside access for a camera lens. Now, Apple is said to be ordering the parts necessary for the change by the boatload.

Cameras for All?

The new report claims that a source is saying Apple has placed a bulk order for inexpensive (around $10 each) camera modules with the intent of including them in an upcoming iPod hardware revision. And apparently not only the iPod is slated for an upgrade. More leaked case designs suggest that at least the iPod Nano may also be able to snap pictures in the near future.

TechCrunch’s source, commenting on the information regarding a possible iPod Nano camera, noted that considering the sheer volume of parts ordered by Apple, he wouldn’t be surprised if camera capabilities came to every iPod in the line, except the Shuffle, which wouldn’t support one for obvious reasons. Read More about Apple Looking to Add Photog Flair to iPod Line?

App Review: AudioBoo — Twitter for People Who Want Their Voice Heard


Do you tweet? Then maybe you should Boo! It’s like a multimedia Twitter, designed especially for iPhone users.

Over in the UK back in 2008, Channel 4 (Britain’s edgy TV channel) launched a unique funding program entitled 4IP. Cut to 2009 and, having just announced a dedicated iPhone 3.0 fund, the suits over at 4IP seem particularly keen on Apple’s (s aapl) device as a platform for pushing interactive wares. In fact, 4IP has announced a fund for developers, with almost $150,000 up for grabs at a maximum of approximately $40,000 per app.
Made possible by 4IP and developed by BestBefore, AudioBoo is among the first of Channel 4’s original iPhone commissions to hit the App Store. As developers ready their funding proposals, AudioBoo is set to be a showcase of the kind of app 4IP will be looking for — making use of various media formats, community-focused, and integrating with the most popular social platforms.
Designed to work alongside Twitter and iTunes, AudioBoo is an audio blogging platform created especially for iPhone. Read More about App Review: AudioBoo — Twitter for People Who Want Their Voice Heard

Cogi: Capture, Transcribe and Share Phone Meetings

Earlier December saw the launch of Cogi (pronounced co-jee), an audio recording and transcription service in the mould of QTech’s reQall and SkyDeck, bringing a potentially a valuable note taking tool for web workers.

The US-based service enables users to capture the audio content of any phone call or conference calls in their entirety for later transcription to text by the service. Users can also markup parts of the call for particular emphasis during the transcription process. Apparently marking up such segments of a call is as simple as hitting a touchtone keypad to issue stop and start commands, though I’m sure a visual aid to this would be a welcome future addition.

Read More about Cogi: Capture, Transcribe and Share Phone Meetings

Final Vinyl Makes Sound Routing and Recording Surprisingly Simple

Being a big fan of my Griffin radioSHARK I was disappointed when the developers dismissed all plans on cranking out an HD Radio version of the device. Given the extensive source tagging in the digital stream, they could have integrated both recording to iTunes and purchasing from iTunes with little effort.

Still wanting to experience HD Radio as inexpensively as possible, I recently purchased a Sony XDR-F1HD HD Radio Tuner and, despite owning every cable known to human-kind, I lacked the RCA-male-to-3.5mm-female cable required to directly connect the tuner to my desktop speakers. Not wanting to trudge down to the family room to hook it up to the stereo for testing, I got out my trusty Griffin iMic but did not want to crank up anything as complex as Garage Band just to do listen to the radio. While I could have used something like Audacity, that program is overkill for the task I wanted to perform.
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