iPhone 5 cases hit AT&T stores, suggest design changes

AT&T retail stores are reportedly taking delivery of iPhone 5 cases a little early, according to a new report. New photos allegedly taken in an AT&T store show cases that back up rumors of a tapered-back design, and a relocated mute switch.

Facebook pushes privacy with sweeping redesign

Facebook is poised to roll out a sweeping new redesign that places a significantly stronger emphasis on user privacy. The new features, which Facebook says have been in development long before the launch of Google+, will start to appear to web app users on Thursday.

Digg launches Newswire, but will anyone care?

Digg has launched a new feature called Newswire that it hopes can make it a player again in the field of social news-sharing services — but after a disastrous redesign and the departure of its founder, can copycat features bring back any of Digg’s faded glory?

Can Adding Staff Curators Help Digg Recover?

Digg hasn’t had an easy time of it over the past few months, with a major redesign that many users disliked, and a new CEO. Now the site is using human editors to recommend links, but will that help it recover its lost glory?

Will Anyone Care About a Myspace Redesign?

Myspace is rolling out a relaunch starting today, but will anyone care? The social network may still have millions of registered users, but it has lost a ton of momentum over the past few years, and when you are a social network, momentum is everything.

Can Digg Apologize Its Way Back to Popularity?

Digg’s new CEO has written a blog post in which he apologizes for the missteps in the recent redesign, and promises to restore almost all the various features that die-hard Digg fans complained about losing. But can all this apologizing restore Digg to its former glory?