Yahoo Quashes Groups Redesign in Wake of User Backlash

Yahoo recently announced a number of product tweaks to modernize and standardize its products, including stalwarts like Yahoo Groups. But amidst complaints about user privacy, Yahoo rolled back the redesign entirely last week, and promised to tread much more carefully as it explores any further changes.

Digg Redesign Met with a Thumbs Down

The new version of Digg, which launched yesterday after more than a year of development, doesn’t seem to be winning many fans. The most popular comments on the site’s relaunch are overwhelmingly negative, and hard-core users have spoken out about their dislike of the new features.

Digg Trying Hard — Maybe Too Hard — to Stay Relevant

The new version of Digg finally launched today, although the site had some teething problems for much of the morning. The redesign of the link-sharing social network, which has been in the works for over a year, focuses on a Twitter-style system of “following” other users.

TheAppleBlog: A New Unified Experience

This evening we’re launching another redesign of all the network sites to bring them under one unified “GigaOM” experience. From a pure design perspective, it’s not a major visual change, but the navigation across all of the sites is a pretty significant change.

Changes to WebWorkerDaily

There are some changes happening to all of the sites in the GigaOM blog network, including WebWorkerDaily. Today, we’re introducing a new consistent header navigation across all of the sites, and soon we’ll be making some under-the-hood changes, too.

New Skin: TheAppleBlog Redesigns

It’s been many months in the making, but this evening we launched an entire overhaul of TheAppleBlog’s design. This redesign is part of an overhaul of the entire GigaOM network that started back in November.

New Wikipedia Redesign Is Coming Soon

Wikipedia says it is close to rolling out a new design for the site that it hopes will make the encyclopedia easier to use for new visitors and will encourage more contributions. The new design, code-named Vector, will start to be rolled out in April.

Welcome to the New WebWorkerDaily

If you’re reading this post in your newsreader, I strongly advise you to head over to the site and read it there instead, because I’m very pleased to use this post to introduce WebWorkerDaily’s redesign.

Rumor Has It: New iMacs Already in Production, Could Sport Blu-Ray

newimacsLately, rumors have been popping up that new iMacs could well be on the way. Well now AppleInsider is reporting that they’re not only real, but that they’re already here. Or, “here” in the sense that they exist in physical space, at least.

The Apple (s aapl) rumors site is reporting that according to reliable sources (in this case, “two people familiar with the matter”), new dual-core iMacs have been in production since early September, in preparation for an October launch. One of the two familiars cited also added that the new computers will sport new, slimmer aluminum enclosures, and that they will indeed be cheaper than their predecessors. Read More about Rumor Has It: New iMacs Already in Production, Could Sport Blu-Ray

Rumor Has It: Apple to Refresh MacBook

macbook_whiteAppleInsider’s Kasper Jade today reports that Apple (s aapl) has new plans for its workhorse laptop, the MacBook. This will be the first time since the product’s launch in 2006 that the company’s entry-level Mac has received a complete design update.

The MacBook is the best-selling computer in the history of the company. It introduced many of the features we take for granted in today’s high-end MacBook Pro machines. The MagSafe connector and latchless lids might be expected of Apple’s laptops these days, but they originally debuted in the diminutive MacBooks more than three years ago.
The report claims that the MacBooks were slated to be discontinued, but that at a redesign the company will “solidify them at the base of the Mac maker’s notebook offerings for the foreseeable future.” Read More about Rumor Has It: Apple to Refresh MacBook