The next big thing for data centers: DC power

Although we live in an AC-dominated world, DC seems poised for a comeback, particularly in data centers. Facebook adopted a DC architecture in its Prineville, Ore., data center. SAP spent $128,000 retrofitting a datacenter at its offices in Palo Alto, Calif., to rely on DC power.

The Internet of Things and energy

In the cleantech and utility worlds, it’s called “the smart grid” and “energy efficiency.” In the broader tech realm, it’s called the “Internet of Things.” Let’s bring these two ideas together, because the Internet of Things will play a crucial role in making systems more efficient.

Intel, Kleiner, DFJ invest $14M into lighting control startup

A new lighting control startup, Enlighted Inc, which says it can cut lighting energy by between 50 and 75 percent, has launched with a splash and $14.2 million from high-profile investors Intel Capital, Draper Fisher Jurvetson and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.

The future of grid energy storage: Software-as-a-Service

One of the reasons energy storage for the grid isn’t widely used is that many of the technologies, like batteries, are still too expensive. But what if you could use something that costs a fraction of a battery to deploy for grid storage, like Software-as-a-Service?

Mitsui Backs Redwood Systems’ Smart Lighting

Mitsui sees the promise of networked, smart, LED lighting. This morning, Redwood Systems announced it has raised $3.5 million from Mitsui’s investment arm. Investment Partner Shin Kodera called the funding “a testament to the impact we believe Redwood’s technology will have on the global business landscape.”

Light Bulbs Move Into the Internet Age

Along with our latest gadgets, cell phones, electrical meters and cars, light bulbs and lighting systems, are increasingly getting embedded with chips, connected to wireless networks and moving into the Internet age. Here are some examples from the annual lighting convention Lightfair this week.

Facebook Turns to Smart Lighting for Data Center

Facebook’s new data center in Oregon has gotten its fair share of attention for Facebook’s decision to open up the energy efficient design. But here’s another reason to recognize the data center: Facebook has installed a smart lighting system courtesy of startup Redwood Systems.

Networked Lighting: LEDs Via Communication Cables

The future of lighting in commercial buildings is digital, networked and intelligent. That’s according to Dave Leonard, founder and CEO of lighting management startup Redwood Systems, a two-year-old company that makes a control system for LEDs that runs over an optimized version of ethernet cables.