Netflix CEO: password sharing is not a big deal

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings doesn’t really think that many people are sharing their accounts with extended family members. His remarks came in response to an estimate that 10 million people watch Netflix without paying for it.

Are times getting desperate for Lovefilm?

With Netflix on a roll, its big European rival — Amazon-owned Lovefilm — seems more and more desperate to staunch the flow of subscribers quitting the service and moving elsewhere.

Shopping Netflix

I still don’t see the case for technology company buying Netflix. Content services are valuable to technology companies only insofar as they’re proprietary to a particular technology platform, which is at odds with Netflix’s core value proposition of ubiquitous access. Plus, most of Netflix’s profits still come from its fast-declining DVD business, which I can’t imagine any technology company would want, let alone be willing to pay a premium to acquire.

Following the money: What Carl Icahn sees in Netflix

Carl Icahn is clearly betting he can force Netflix into a sale that will produce a windfall for his stake. But if that doesn’t work he will almost certainly go after the cash Reed Hastings is now spending in Latin America and Europe.