Try, try, try again: will ad-funded mobile ever work?

New mobile data service Samba has launched in the U.K. with a novel idea — agree to watch a few ads, and it will give you free data. But while the company hopes it’s on track for glory, the path it’s taking is littered with bodies.

Netflix just became cable’s biggest TV network

Netflix streamed one billion hours to its subscribers in June, according to a note posted today by its CEO Reed Hastings. BTIG analyst Rich Greenfield calculates that this makes it cable’s biggest TV network, with viewers tuning in 80 minutes per day.

Netflix plays the net neutrality card

There is real long-term danger to Netflix lurking in the FCC’s current net neutrality rules, but it lies in the rules’ failure to regulate those parts of the Internet the consumer doesn’t see, like peering agreements between last-mile ISPs and content distribution networks (CDNs). While Netflix would dearly love to see the FCC revisit those rules, the agency isn’t likely to do so absent some clear evidence of consumer harm.

Netflix CEO calls out Comcast on net neutrality

When most Comcast subscribers complain, it’s a blip. When Netflix CEO Reed Hastings vents to his 120,000 subscribers on Facebook, it’s a salvo. Reed Hastings doesn’t agree with Comcast’s approach to net neutrality and caps — and he wants everyone to know it.

With Starz exiting, Netflix loses access to live TV

As of Wednesday, Netflix subscribers don’t have access to the Starz Play live TV feed anymore, effectively ending what could have become Netflix’s live TV streaming business. Never heard of the ability to watch live TV through the Netflix website? You’re not alone.

Netflix aims for 90M U.S. subscribers

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said this week that he thinks Netflix could have up to three times as many U.S. customers as the premium cable network HBO. The remarks were made in a presentation about the company’s business opportunity, which interestingly doesn’t mention DVDs at all.

Binge viewers rejoice: Netflix releases Lilyhammer

Netflix just released its first original TV show, the crime comedy Lilyhammer. And in typical Netflix fashion, it simply dumped all episodes of the entire first season on its subscribers. The logic behind this move? Netfix subscribers are binge viewers, says CEO Reed Hastings.

Netflix tops 800+ devices, tablets overtake PC viewing

Netflix can now be watched on more than 800 devices, and some of them are starting to gain more traction than others. Apple TV, for instance, has been really successful for the company — and tablets are starting to attract more usage than PCs.