Lights, camera… Facebook? Netflix CEO joins board

Facebook announced Thursday it has added Reed Hastings, the chairman and CEO of Netflix, to its board of directors. The addition of Hastings to Facebook’s boardroom is the latest signal of the Palo Alto, California-based social networking giant’s growing focus on the entertainment industry.

Netflix CEO: We Almost Didn’t Do the Starz Deal

Reed Hasting’s original deal with the premium cable network Starz is widely seen as a steal, securing Netflix the right to stream major studio content for reportedly just $30 million a year. But at the time Hastings made the deal, he almost pulled out last minute.

7 Secrets to Netflix’s Success

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings spoke at a conference today about his company ,what its strengths are and the limits he sees for Netflix. As he talked, a picture emerged of how Netflix has achieved its success and how it hopes to keep it going.

Will Netflix Go Global in 2011? Maybe, but It Won’t Be Easy

Having conquered America, movie streaming service Netflix has announced its plans to expand internationally over the coming year — but boss Reed Hastings is bound to find a few obstacles standing on his path to global domination.

NewTeeVee Live: Netflix CEO: Why Netflix Is the Killer App for Broadband

reedhastingsnetflix1In the same way that the iPhone helped sell more Macs for Apple, (s APPL) Netflix (s nflx) CEO Reed Hastings told the audience at the NewTeeVee Live conference today that Netflix can help sell more broadband and broadband services. We’re a killer app for broadband data, said Reed. GigaOM founder and interviewer Om Malik explained it in more Twitter-friendly terms: “Netflix is the iPod of broadband.”
Here’s Reed’s logic: Customers don’t upgrade to faster broadband for email or web surfing, they do it for high-bandwidth online video services like Netflix’s streaming video. Over the next 5-10 years, Internet video technology will expand cable’s broadband relevance to customers, said Reed.
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Today in Connected Consumer

Reed Hastings’ interview with Reuters confirms what many of us knew, that Netflix is working to get its streaming service on both Sony and Nintendo’s consoles. Perhaps more interesting is the idea of Netflix streaming on mobile. My discussions with some in the industry make me think the big guys in premium streaming like Netflix and Hulu are dedicating significant biz-dev resources to getting their services on smartphones.