NYC and 13 more cities get T-Mobile’s iPhone-friendly upgrade

T-Mobile saved the biggest cities for the end of the year. T-Mobile revealed that it has completed its HSPA+ network upgrade in 14 more cities including metropolises like New York, Boston, and Dallas-Fort Worth. In those cities iPhones can now tap into T-Mo’s 3G network.

T-Mobile completes iPhone-friendly upgrade in 23 cities

Chicago, Reno, and the LA burbs join Atlanta, Minneapolis and Seattle as the newest areas of the country where an iPhone will work on T-Mobile’s 3G network. T-Mo is now about one-third of the way from completing its nationwide HSPA+ overhaul.

A T-Mobile iPhone next week? Unlikely. T-Mo isn’t ready

Make no mistake: T-Mobile will get the iPhone. It’s just highly unlikely that it will get it next week as Merrill Lynch is predicting. T-Mobile is still in the early stages of a network overhaul that will make it compatible with the iPhone’s 3G radios.

T-Mobile’s iPhone-friendly network overhaul: 2 cities down, 227 to go

T-Mobile has two markets that are officially iPhone ready, but unofficially there is a lot of upgrade activity going on nationwide. Unlocked iPhone owners in Las Vegas and Kansas City can now access T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network. By year end that list should be far greater.