Consumer advocate Gigi Sohn joins Tom Wheeler’s new FCC

If you were looking for a signal showing how cozy new Federal Communications Chairman Tom Wheeler would be with the cable and telecom industries he used to lobby for, then Wheeler just broadcast a big one. He’s hired Public Knowledge President, CEO and founder Gigi Sohn as special counsel for external affairs on his staff. For 12 years Sohn has railed against the communications industries’ more anti-consumer actions, and while Sohn’s appointment doesn’t guarantee Wheeler will take a hard line against his former employers, it does shows he will listen to opposing perspectives as he kicks off what is sure to be a controversial tenure.

What controversy? Verizon, Time Warner begin cross-selling services

Verizon’s joint marketing pact with the cable providers may be facing some serious scrutiny, but Verizon and its partners don’t seem to have noticed. On Thursday, Time Warner Cable blithely announced they would launch bundled mobile and cable services together in five markets.

German regulators want details on Apple’s use of Carrier IQ

Apple was probably hoping its statement Thursday about Carrier IQ, the software found to be installed on many devices that reports and records user activity, would be enough to reassure people any potential danger had passed. Some regulators, however, think Apple needs to do more reassuring.

Google, this is why you’re under investigation

Those who questioned whether European regulators were right to open an antitrust investigation into Google’s activities last year should take a look at the data again, as the company’s dominance across the continent reaches new heights — and new depths, too.

Out Come Those Who Oppose Comcast/NBC

In the land of mega-meals and mega-churches, it’s only natural that we’d have a mega-media hookup like the one announced today between Comcast and NBC. But a deal this big will naturally bring along with it some regulatory scrutiny.