Netflix nabs another exclusive deal ahead of cable

Netflix has licensed exclusive rights to future films from indie studio Open Road Films, making it the only place viewers can watch those movies during the pay TV window. The deal follows Netflix’s recent habit of locking down titles from independent producers ahead of cable networks.

Netflix’s Risky Bet on Original Programming

Netflix is reportedly going up against the big cable networks for a new show called House of Cards. But what will adding original programming to its video library mean for Netflix, and what does it mean for the future of cable programming?

Vid-Biz: NBCU Ad Network, iOScars, Overture Films

Today on the Net: NBC creates an ad network for its owned and operated local stations, the iOScars have been announced to honor innovative videos shot on the iPhone 4 and Starz is shuttering Overture Films and handing over marketing and distribution to Relativity Media.

Relativity Media Shuns HBO & Showtime for Netflix

Relativity Media’s movies won’t make their way to HBO or Showtime during their pay TV window anymore. Instead, you’ll be able to watch them as part of Netflix’ Watch Instantly service. Some believe this deal could be a sign for things to come for pay TV.