iCloud arrives Oct. 12, includes Find My Friends

The arrival of Apple’s iCloud service has now been dated along with iOS 5. We’ll get our hands on iCloud for Mac and iOS beginning Oct. 12, and it should make everyone’s mobile lives a lot simpler. Here’s a quick look at exactly what it offers.

Report: Cheaper 8GB iPhone 4, iPhone 5 to launch in September

Apple has begun production of an 8 GB version of its iPhone 4, according to a new report Tuesday. The reports come from within Apple’s Asian supply chain, and also claim that the iPhone 5 is still on track for a late September introduction.

Early October iPhone 5 release date gets more support

We’ve been hearing either September or October for the release of the iPhone 5, and now there’s some new info backing an October launch. A new report today is said to have come from an AT&T exec, and it’s backed up by another strong source.

Rumor Has It: Mac App Store Arriving Before Christmas?

A new report suggests the Mac App Store could arrive as soon as next Monday, Dec. 13. Steve Jobs originally gave the Mac App Store a release window of within 90 days of the Back to Mac special event that took place Oct. 20.

iPhone OS 4.0: Details, Details, Details

I’m downloading iPhone OS 4.0 right now, and the reason that I’m doing so isn’t the big multitasking feature, which grabbed a lot of attention but won’t actually be implemented until devs start including the features in their apps. I’m doing it for the little things.

Rumor Has It: New Parts and Supplier Details Emerge for Apple Tablet

Everything’s beginning to come together for the launch of Apple’s (s aapl) tablet — quite literally, in fact, as Apple’s suppliers for the device begin to ship component parts or are ramping up for production in the near future. That’s according to a report issued by news service Reuter’s Friday afternoon.

Two Taiwanese companies are cited in the report as having received the contracts for the aluminum casings and the touchscreen panels that the upcoming Apple slate will use in its construction. If true, this means that the tablet will indeed sport an aluminum enclosure, and I’d expect something akin to the unibody construction process used in the MacBook Pro casing to be applied here. Imagine the build quality of that machine, without a hinge as a point of weakness. It’ll be quite hardy. Read More about Rumor Has It: New Parts and Supplier Details Emerge for Apple Tablet

Rumor Has It: Apple Tablet Still in the Pipeline, Headed to AT&T

apple_tabletOh Apple tablet rumors, how I’ve missed you. The interruption of Apple’s (s aapl) Rock and Roll event seemed to take the wind out of your sails, but luckily, it was only temporary. Now, the Taiwan Economic News (via All Things D) is stoking the fires of hope once again with updates on pricing, time frame and technical details of the oft-rumored upcoming device.

Should these latest rumors prove correct, we can expect to see this tantalizing Apple fanboi fantasy by February of next year. Pricing should fall between $799 and $999, which will net you a 9.6-inch touch panel device powered by a mystery P.A. Semi-engineered chip, with a super-long-lasting battery by DynaPack International Technology. Read More about Rumor Has It: Apple Tablet Still in the Pipeline, Headed to AT&T

Rumor Has It: New iPod Touch With Camera/Mic Already in Production


By now, we’re no stranger to rumors of a new iPod touch model complete with a built-in camera and microphone. Even without sources backing up these claims, it just seems like the logical next step for Apple (s aapl) to take with the device if it wants to keep providing consumers with an incentive to upgrade. The latest word is not only that these rumors are accurate, but that the device in question is already on the assembly line in China.

The source, a “well-connected” one talking to Wired.com, claims that circulating rumors about the camera and microphone are both spot on. They even confirm that the camera included in the new iPod touch (which was last updated at the beginning of September in 2008, making this the longest interval between model changes) will indeed be able to capture both images and video. And it will include an external mic, in addition to the external speaker and headset support included in the current iteration. Read More about Rumor Has It: New iPod Touch With Camera/Mic Already in Production

Release Timeline for Snow Leopard Leaked

snowleopardIn case you were getting excited about Snow Leopard coming out anytime soon, or maybe holding off on a hardware purchase in anticipation of a WWDC ’09 release, you might be disappointed by the news that it likely won’t make it into the hands of consumers by that early June date. AppleInsider is reporting that the release schedule of the new Mac OS has many stages, the last of which won’t take place until two months after the Developer’s Conference.
What we will see June 8, if AppleInsider’s source is to be believed, is a major developer update to Snow Leopard that will be the first release to be “feature complete,” including all interface changes and functionality additions withheld from prior builds. In other words, they’ll be able to show off a product at WWDC that will look pretty much like what consumers will be getting two months later. Read More about Release Timeline for Snow Leopard Leaked

Snow Leopard Coming in Q1 2009

We knew we weren’t going to have to wait too long for Snow Leopard (10.6) to make its appearance on store shelves, but according to MacRumors, things just got a little more specific courtesy of a slide from a conference presentation.

Apple’s Director of Engineering for their Unix Tech branch, Jordan Hubbard, spoke at the Large Installation System Administration (LISA) conference last week, and his slide deck included the gem pictured here. His topic was the evolution of OS X from large servers to embedded platforms, which featured the release schedule pictured, with a fairly specific (compared to vague “one year” timelines talked about when Snow Leopard was announced at WDC 2008) Q1 2009 date of arrival.
Read More about Snow Leopard Coming in Q1 2009