Energy Market Deregulation and its Opportunities

Deregulated energy markets, with companies competing with one another for customers, could be great places to test how technologies and services engage customers. Whether that will lead to energy savings is less clear, however.

A Power Company at CES? A Digital Grid Tipping Point

For the first time, power company NRG Energy and its utility Reliant Energy are making a showing at the massive gadget love-fest CES. Why? As Reliant Energy President Jason Few told me, this is the beginning of the “digitization of the power grid.”

How Internet-Enabled Appliances Can Save You Time & Money

The idea of the Internet-enabled home appliance has been around since the heady days of the dotcom boom, when LG introduced its DIOS refrigerator and Sun Microsystem’s Scott McNealy paired a tablet PC with a Whirlpool fridge. [digg=]

But LG’s “market leader,” which sold for $10,000, is no longer being made, while similar products from the likes of Samsung never even saw the light of day. Such devices have yet to become ubiquitous in the home because, well, who really needs the Internet on their fridge?  Surprisingly, the answer just might be: you. Read More about How Internet-Enabled Appliances Can Save You Time & Money