iPad Roundup: Religious Studies

If Apple isn’t enough of a religion for you, there are plenty of iPad apps out there to cover most other religions to which you may subscribe. The iPad’s versatility — coupled with developer ingenuity — means there are many different ways to engage.

Is Apple a Cult, a Religion or a Brand?

A university professor friend and recent platform-switcher jestingly refers to “the Church of the Mac.” He’s become an enthusiastic Mac evangelist and is perceiving some loose parallels. My learned friend is far from unique in drawing analogies between computer platform affinities and religion.

Logos Software Takes a Leap of Faith to the Mac

Logos Bible Software shipped the first version of its Bible study software 18 years ago in December 1991 for the, at that time, brand new Windows operating system. Last year, Logos finally released version 1.0 of its software for the Mac and its story provides a great example of the growth of the Mac market and the strength of the platform.

Just recently, Logos introduced an alpha release of version 4 which introduces feature parity with all 100+ new features in the Windows version. Along with a new iPhone app, Logos is making a big commitment to the Mac platform and it appears to be paying off.

The exciting bit here is not so much another software release on the Mac, but the story of how one company made the move from Windows only to embrace the Mac and the iPhone. Read More about Logos Software Takes a Leap of Faith to the Mac

iPhone Roundup: 10 Jewish Apps for the New Year

For some readers, it’s the start of the year 5770. The High Holidays are over and meeting your spiritual goals is fresh on your mind. There is an extensive amount of Jewish-themed iPhone apps available. Even if you aren’t Jewish, these apps highlight some of the great features of the iPhone 3.x software and the GPS and compass functions. Religions such as Judaism have rituals based on time, location and direction, and even if you aren’t Jewish, you might find some of these apps interesting for their ability to take advantage of all the iPhone has to offer, as well as providing a glimpse into another culture.

296880247Kosher ($4.99)

Apps like Yelp help you find the best restaurants nearby via your GPS, but if you keep kosher, you want slightly different information about a restaurant. First, obviously, is if they are kosher, but the Kosher App also includes reviews from users of the website Shamash.org as well as the certification authority used to determine if the place was kosher (some authorities are accepted more widely than others). The application can also work without an internet connection since the database is downloaded during setup. The app also contains the blessings for the meal, although the average user of Kosher probably already knows them. Read More about iPhone Roundup: 10 Jewish Apps for the New Year