Motorola gets a new home, leaves the burbs for Chicago’s Merch Mart

Motorola is giving its suburban digs for a new home in downtown Chicago, where it will anchor the Windy City’s emerging tech community. The corporate HQ will officially be in Chicago’s Merchandise Mart, along 3,000 employees, but the big brass will reside in Silicon Valley.

The Move: What I Did Right, and What I Did Wrong

Well, it happened. I moved, from one home/office to another, and it went pretty much as expected. Which is to say, it was a harrowing experience whose effects are still being felt, and will continue to be felt for at least another week or two, if not longer. I followed my own advice from my previous post, and I’m happy with the place I chose, but I learned a few more lessons about how complicated the moving process can be when your work is on the web.

Wanted: Virtualization Engineer, Referee Exp. Pref.

The virtualization of systems allows for efficient use of server resources and is clearly a trend that many enterprises are embracing. Systems engineers see virtualization as the next generation of tools that can help scale their servers, while network engineers see the virtualization trend headed in their direction as well. Unfortunately, it seems that server virtualization also helps foster trench warfare between the two.

I found myself witness to one small skirmish in this battle today, when I met with a startup looking for funding. The startup is building enterprise services, and for its next generation plans to make heavy use of XenSource’s XenMotion functionality to manage virtual machines on about 50 physical servers. This functionality, which is similar to that of VMware’s VMotion, promises to seamlessly move a virtual machine from one physical server to another. The startup’s service product could be running in one virtual machine on a server and if the server receives too much load or has a failure, the XenMotion functionality could move the virtual machine to another server without resulting in any downtime. For an enterprise services startup, avoiding downtime is a good idea.

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