Don’t call it an incubator: 3 startups to watch from Founders Den

Ten startups that won the exclusive honor of hacking in the Founders Den space in San Francisco pitched to investors and the media Tuesday night in San Francisco. Here were three of the ten companies that caught my eye based on their pitches Tuesday evening.

Google Purchase Shuts Down reMail

A while back I reviewed an iPhone app called reMail that I really liked. It allowed users to search their email archives very comprehensively. Apparently Google (s goog) was impressed with the application, too, and as Liz reported over on GigaOM, Google has purchased the company.

Google’s Acquhire Binge

What do collaboration toolmaker AppJet, social search manager Aardvark and email search appmaker reMail have in common? A trio of little startups, they all have been acquired recently by Google (s GOOG) and they were all founded by former Google employees.

Google Buys reMail iPhone App for Gmail

Google has acquired a small email search company called reMail, reMail founder Gabor Cselle posted today on his blog. reMail, which was part of the Y Combinator program and raised funding from FriendFeed and Gmail founders Paul Buchheit and Sanjeev Singh, started in November 2008.

Microsoft’s Outlook Opens Up to an Uncertain Future

ZA102633891033.jpg.gif.jpegWhile most of us were too engrossed in the somewhat ephemeral news of Google’s new attempts at becoming social, something much more profound transpired — something that can have an impact on millions upon millions of people. Microsoft (s MSFT) announced that it was opening up its Outlook format and giving external programs access to mail, calendar and contacts. I don’t know the reasons why Microsoft is taking this arguably high-stakes gamble. Read More about Microsoft’s Outlook Opens Up to an Uncertain Future

reMail: Email Search for the iPhone

remail_logoA new iPhone (s aapl) app called reMail gives iPhone users the email archive search functionality available in applications like Gmail and Outlook.  reMail is priced at $4.99 until September 1st ($9.99 after that date). The creator of reMail is Gabor Cselle, who has previously worked on Gmail at Google, and who was the VP Engineering at Xobni, an Outlook add-on which has previously been reviewed at WWD.
The iPhone does have Spotlight search already built-in, but Spotlight has a limitation. It can only search what is stored on your phone. For an email account, this means that it can only search a couple hundred messages, not the account’s entire archives. And how often is the email you are searching for one of the most recent two hundred? In my case, the answer is rarely. Read More about reMail: Email Search for the iPhone

reMail Brings Offline Email Searching to the iPhone

reMail StatusApple (s aapl) has done a decent job with email on the iPhone, but now there’s a better way to deal with the thousands of messages some of us receive. reMail, a new app for the iPhone, launched today, and it offers email capabilities that rival desktop equivalents.
reMail downloads and stores all your email on the iPhone, eliminating the need for interacting with a server. This means you can search your email at lightning speed, even without a network connection. Business travelers take note: You can now do full-text searches of your thousands of emails, even while sitting on a plane at 35,000 feet. No Wi-Fi needed. Read More about reMail Brings Offline Email Searching to the iPhone