Your last task for 2011: Try Any.DO for Android

In half a dozen years, I’ve tried more task manager apps than smartphones — and I’ve tried dozens of phones. But Any.DO, a free app for Android, offers an elegant iOS-like interface and syncs with Google Tasks. If you do one last thing this year, try Any.DO.

App for the Milk: Remember the Milk on Your Desktop

Popular task management app Remember the Milk (RTM) has spawned a number of third-party desktop clients, but the best one that I’ve found so far is called App for the Milk. It’s a slimline desktop client that’s based on AIR, so works on cross-platform.

Sync Outlook and Remember the Milk With MilkSync

Up until now, if you wanted to sync tasks between popular to-do list management app Remember the Milk and Outlook, you’ve had to rely on third-party apps and plugins. But now there’s MilkSync for Outlook, a new app from the makers of Remember the Milk themselves.

How Freemium Can Work for Your Startup

Freemium -– a business model that works by offering basic services for free but charging for premium features — is being viewed as the new way to do business in startup land. It has its champions and its detractors. But if you want to make it work for your startup, here are some tips.

Work Smarter Using iPhone Push Notifications

iPhone OS 3.0 brings a lot of new features to the table, but I could’ve easily gone on living without all of them, copy and paste included, except for push notifications. Push is the killer feature that elevates the iPhone platform to a whole new level of usability, both as a standalone device, and as a piece of companion hardware to your existing workstation setup.

The iPhone has taken the place of an entire screen in my current home office configuration, freeing up a whole display for more productive use. Here’s a breakdown of the apps that make this possible, and how I use them.

Remember The Milk Becomes First To-Do App With Push Notifications


Slowly but surely, push notification apps are trickling into the App Store, as you can see from this handy little list by Some of them are less than impressive, since they offer strange niche functions that I could never picture myself actually using. Beejive IM came out last week, though, which has become by far my most-used app since, and now Remember The Milk (Free with RTM Pro account, iTunes link) is available, as of today, with push features.

A to-do app with push might just be the thing I need to get me to buckle down and actually use a to-do app with some kind of consistency. Sure, RTM for the iPhone requires that you have a Pro account with their service, which is a $25-a-year subscription, but I actually already have one from when the app was first released. Yes, I signed up many months ago and haven’t exactly taken great advantage of that subscription since, but version 1.1.0 gives me reason to believe I may actually begin to get my money’s worth. Read More about Remember The Milk Becomes First To-Do App With Push Notifications

RIM CEO: Phones Are Intensely Personal

BB PearlPhones are personal devices, more so than almost any other gadget that one can use. I have stated before that gadgets used in the hand are very personal in nature as a result, and is why there is no such thing as a “killer phone.” There will never be a “one phone fits all” because we are all so different and the phone is so personal. Research In Motion (s rimm) learned that quickly when it started making BlackBerrys aimed at consumers.

RIM CEO Mike Lazaridis gave a talk at the D: All Things Digital conference and he admitted that the company was pulled into the consumer market due to demand. He also now realizes that phones are intensely personal devices, which makes the consumer space more difficult than the business market.

“The closer a technology gets to a person, the more it has to represent our values, our styles,” he said. “It’s not a one-size-fits-all (business).”

It’s great to see that RIM discovered this early on. The company hasn’t been in the consumer space all that long and as we often say it’s a different beast than the enterprise market. We geeky consumers want the perfect phone, even though it doesn’t (and never will) exist.

(via CNET) SMS and Email Alerts With Natural Language Input

taskfmlogoThere are plenty of great apps out there vying to help the forgetful, from dedicated to-do list and reminder apps like WWD favorite Remember the Milk, to the task and calendar systems in Google Docs (s goog) and MS Office (s msft). New alerts and reminders app, launching into beta today, aims to be different by providing natural language, semantic text input as a quick way to enter tasks (for example, “dentist appointment at noon tomorrow”). It claims to support alerts sent via email, SMS and phone (through automated text-to-speech technology). Read More about SMS and Email Alerts With Natural Language Input

Open Thread: Name That One Web Startup You Can’t Live Without

logosmashupEarlier today, I asked folks who follow me on Twitter: “Which is that one web startup you can’t live without. Just one. Google products not allowed. no Yahoo. STARTUP Offering(s) only. And no Twitter!” In the early days of what is Web 2.0 we saw the emergence of products and services such as Moveable Type, Flickr and Amongst early adopters, these apps were pretty popular. Flickr and were acquired by Yahoo. Moveable Type is part of SixApart, a thriving software startup.

I just wanted to see if a new generation of must-have services had emerged. In response to my question, I ended up getting a pretty diverse set of answers from Twitter-land. Three startups that got a lot of mentions were: Evernote, FriendFeed and Sure there were mentions of Digg and Facebook, but those three got most mentions. Remember The Milk, Xobni and Dropbox were other names that were mentioned. With the exception of Mint, I pretty much use (or have used) products made by these startups on a daily basis. I can see why people can’t live without them. My pick is Remember The Milk. What’s yours?

PS: You can follow me on Twitter as I go through my day. We also have Twitter feeds for NewTeeVee, The Apple Blog, Earth2Tech, and WebWorkerDaily, along with Twitter feeds from Kevin and James of jkOnTheRun.

PS #2: I blame all this talk about Twitter today on Pat Phelan who is looking for some Twitter intervention.

Twitter With Your Favorite Productivity Web Apps

In an effort to justify the time that I spend on Twitter, I am always looking for ways to be able to claim that I use it for more productive purposes.

I am finding that many of the more popular web services have recognized that Twitter is becoming a communication hub of sorts. This leads to some great connection functionality built right into their apps that lets users get at their data from within Twitter. If you’re spending quite a bit of time in a Twitter client anyway, having the ability to quickly access or add to your info without needing to load another app can be significant.

So here are some of my favorite, or otherwise notable, applications that let me tweak every last bit of productivity I can from my Twitter time.

Read More about Twitter With Your Favorite Productivity Web Apps