Don’t Forget to Thank Remote Team Members

Too often, out of sight can mean out of mind when you have team members spread out in various offices around the world. Even those of us with the best intentions sometimes forget to thank people or recognize them for doing great work.

Do Your Virtual Team Members Feel Loved or Neglected?

The tricky part in having remote employees is making sure that they feel like they are an integral part of team and not second-class citizens. Here are a few ways to make sure that your virtual team members feel loved, instead of neglected:

Tips for Managing Remote Workers

Since my post last week talked about how to manage your boss while working remotely, I thought that it was only fair to provide managers with some tips for managing those employees in other locations — something that I’m about to start doing again.

How to Manage Your Boss When Working Remotely

One of the biggest challenges of corporate web working is being able to demonstrate that you are at least as productive while working at home or in a remote office as you would be sitting in a cubicle where everyone can see you at work.

Apple Negotiating Deal With Second Chinese Cell Carrier

No one said Apple’s (s aapl) partnership with China Unicom is exclusive, right? It’s an open relationship. Y’know how it is, dinner dates, the cinema, maybe even occasionally meeting the parents. But it’s totally cool for them both to see other people, OK?

And that’s precisely what’s happening. Back in July, I reported here that China Unicom had secured the deal to supply to the iPhone in China. Just two weeks ago other sites were reporting the same thing and now, according to the Wall Street Journal, rival carrier China Mobile appears to be getting in on the action, too.
Speaking at the World Economic Forum, China Mobile’s chairman Wang Jianzhou said that Apple’s deal with competitor China Unicom was “…absolutely not exclusive.” Read More about Apple Negotiating Deal With Second Chinese Cell Carrier

iTunes 9: LPs, Home Sharing, Redesign and More


Today Steve Jobs made a surprise appearance at the media event and announced iTunes 9. It’s packed full of new features including a major overhaul of the iTunes Store. Read on for details on all the updates.

iTunes LP

One of the downsides of digital music has been the lack of interactivity that you once got from handling album packaging. Apple has brought their own version of this back and its calling it iTunes LP.
iTunes LP is a way to interactive with new content including videos, photos, lyrics, discography, liner notes and more. Many of the LPs were created by the artists themselves. Read More about iTunes 9: LPs, Home Sharing, Redesign and More

This Fossil Messenger Bag Perfect for Netbooks

fossil-nevada-bagThe search for the perfect gear bag is almost obsessive in nature, and not just for me. You do it, too — you know you do. The objective is to find a bag that doesn’t look too bad and is no bigger than necessary to carry the exact gear you take with you. Today I found a great bag for netbooks and smaller gear, and I just had to pick it up.

The Fossil Nevada is a small messenger bag that will just fit a netbook and the accompanying gear. It’s not big enough to carry lots of accessories, but if you’re carrying that much stuff, then get a big bag anyway. The magnetic flaps (under the fake buckles) close easily, and there are just enough pockets to keep stuff from rattling around. I got the one in olive canvas and brown leather, which is the only color.  The most compelling feature of this Fossil bag is that it doesn’t look too much like a man purse. No it doesn’t. $68.

Sony Reader gets 500,000 public domain e-books thanks to Google

sonyebookThis is just so cool.  Sony (s sne) has cut a deal with Google (s goog) to add 500,000 public domain titles produced through Google’s e-book scanning project into the Sony Reader library.  The e-books will be available to Sony Reader owners and are in the ePub format, a popular open electronic publishing format usable by the Reader.  These public domain titles were all published prior to 1923 and contain thousands of classics.
Sony has no doubt cut this deal in response to Amazon’s (s AMZN) launch of the Kindle 2.  Amazon has a huge library of available content for the Kindle and now Sony does too.  It’s hard to beat the classics, and Sony Reader owners now have a huge collection to choose from.
(NYT via Gizmodo)