Surviving a dual remote worker marriage

First-person accounts from couples that both work from home illustrate that the experience can be fraught, with one partner sometimes imposing on the other. But the arrangement works well for some. What are the secrets of these happy home working couples?

Why one startup prefers coworking to remote collaboration

Recently the Wall Street Journal reported a trend towards larger startups sticking with coworking as they grow, but experts warned there could be downsides, including other companies poaching your talent or ideas. But not everyone it seems to see eye to eye with these experts.

Tales from the Trenches: Fred’s Appliance

Virtual working is only for professions with digital deliverables, right? Designers, coders and writers may be the first people who come to mind, but if you imagine companies that deal in the physical can’t benefit from going virtual, you haven’t talked to Fred’s Appliance.

ProofHQ CEO: Remote work is bad for startups? Oh, please!

Remote work may be increasingly mainstream, but there are holdouts like Zaarly exec Shane Mac, who recently opined that startups and distributed teams make a lousy combination. That’s news to the founder of successful startup ProoffHQ, which has been remote from day one.

The iPad gets its own VPN with iSimplyConnect

As the dynamics of how we work change — away from offices, on mobile devices — the tools to enable easy access and smooth experiences of getting work done are popping up. The latest example is iSimplyConnect, a pay-as-you-go VPN for small companies deploying the iPad.

Bars beat boardrooms for generating business ideas, survey claims

A British company surveys workers and finds not only are they more productive when working remotely, but they also feel less creative at the office. Where do they get their most innovative ideas? At the pub (assumedly with a limited quantity of libations).

Do you need to break out of the office in 2012?

Remote collaboration tools and connectivity promise to unleash us from the office, but despite these advantages most of us still spend the majority of our days in drab spaces. Perhaps the New Year is the perfect opportunity for knowledge workers to reconsider where they work.

The exurbs: The natural habitat of the telecommuter?

The impact of more remote workers on the built environment is a fascinating subtopic of the future of work. Will office spaces shrink? Transport plans change? Now there’s a new question about a world of remote workers – will they all move to the exurbs?

Extreme telecommuting: how to move to Italy and keep your day job

Tech sites present plenty of speculation on new tech and ways of working. Is this just the jabbering of pundits or is all of it making a difference on the ground? A conversation with Barry Frangipane, the co-author of The Venice Experiment, proves work is changing.

Flex work rhetoric vs. reality: How big is the gap?

It’s hard to be against flexible work arrangements. but despite a lot of talk in support of new ways of working to help knowledge workers keep their sanity and families intact; a new survey shows many managers are merely paying lip service to the idea.