Turn the original iPad into a home theater remote

Whether you are looking to justify the purchase of the new iPad, or just want to repurpose an earlier version of the tablet, you should consider abandoning any personal attachments you may have had, and turn your iPad into the ultimate home theater component. Here’s how to do it.

Logitech’s remote app is the smart play for the two-screen living room

Logitech unveiled its new Harmony Link hardware/software combo for iPad, iPhone and Android devices Tuesday. The Link lets you use your device as a universal remote for your entertainment system. Logitech isn’t the first to try this, but it looks like it could be the best.

Being there: 4 situations where human touch is required in work

I often extol the virtues of virtual work. But no matter how much I love virtual, I’m also keenly aware that being remote isn’t always ideal. In my experience, there are four specific situations that should never be handled by phone or email.

Working Together: How My Virtual Team Collaborates

In an effort to better understand the dynamics of virtual teams, I decided to interview my own virtual team members at the social media marketing agency I co-own, Conversify, to determine what helps them to work well together. Here’s what they said.

iPhone 5 Could Use NFC to Turn Any Mac Into Your Mac

The next iPhone could take advantage of Near Field Communication to allow you to take your preferences, files and even applications from your Mac and use them on other Apple computers. The inclusion of NFC tech could make having Macs on premises a priority for businesses.

The Future of Web Working: Management

If you work from home now, congratulate yourself: chances are, you’ll be managing the web workers of tomorrow. As businesses move their workers out of central offices and embrace the distributed model, even jobs closer to the central core of an organization will be done remotely.

Apple Updates Remote App for iOS Devices

As soon as the iPhone 4 was released, I assumed it wouldn’t be long before Remote got updated to take advantage of the new Retina Display and other features. Needless to say, we’ve been waiting longer than I anticipated. But now that update’s here.

Apple Patent Describes Smart Remote Technology

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office yesterday published a patent application Apple made way back in 2008 for “Pushing a User Interface to a Remote Device.” So, then…Smart Remotes. Cool!

MacRumor’s Eric Slivka reports that the patent’s lead inventor is William Bull, now Yahoo’s Senior Director of Mobile User Experience, but once upon a time Apple’s iPod User Interface Manager. The so-called “father of the iPod,” Tony Fadell, is also credited.

The idea is simple; portable media devices — such as iPods and iPhones, for example — have their own on-board Graphical User Interface (GUI) and, usually, a built-in screen. Thing is, we don’t always want to take our iPhone out of our pocket when we’re listening to music (or, if you’re me, catching up on podcasts while washing the dishes). Read More about Apple Patent Describes Smart Remote Technology