Landing good remote workers in an ailing economy

Many digital freelancers earning U.S. dollars are now receiving substantially less for the same work, as their own nations’ currencies gain strength against the U.S. dollar. The rates that U.S. companies offer to remote workers may no longer compete with their local firms.

3 keys to dispersed team success

It’s one thing to work in a team with one or two off-site members. But what about entirely dispersed teams, where none of the members are located in the same office? Team leaders need to consider the interplay of three crucial factors: frequency, transparency, and variability.

The Mill brings an informal coworking option to Seattle

When Jana and Keith Harper returned to Seattle a few months ago, after spending a couple of years in New York City, they decided that they wanted to create a coworking space. The Mill, their new business, was up and running in less than two weeks.