With reQall Rover, Your Phone as Personal Secretary

Thanks to a slew of recent technology advances, the smartphone is turning into a truly personalized information assistant that can handle everything from your appointments to traffic reports. A new Android app called reQall Rover wants to turn your smartphone into an intelligent information assistant.

Is Lifelogging the Future of Social Media?

Legendary computer scientist Gordon Bell has spent the last decade digitizing and archiving as much information from his daily life as possible, scanning documents, recording conversations, and snapping pictures every few minutes with a camera the size of a pack of cigarettes that hangs around his neck. He describes this experience, called “lifelogging,” and its larger implications in the book, “Total Recall: How the E-Memory Revolution Will Change Everything.” As society steps further into what Om has called “an increasingly narcissistic phase, enabled by web technologies,” lifelogging seems simultaneously like the premise of a Philip K. Dick sci-fi novel and the logical extrapolation of current trends. We already share photos, videos, tweets and status updates in ways that would have seemed obsessive only a few years ago. We record our lives with web services like Evernote and devices like Livescribe. If Facebook and Twitter are symptoms of narcissism, lifelogging could well be viewed as a sign of (or treatment for) a new kind of severe personality disorder.

reQall Helps You Remember Stuff, Anywhere

reQall Logo reQall is “a voice-enabled memory aid that seamlessly integrates your mobile phone, email, text messaging and IM into a powerful organizer, reminder system and productivity assistant.” It provides a personal notes and reminders system that you can access anywhere: over the phone, over the web, over email and over IM. Because it’s voice-enabled, you can access your to-do lists with a just a phone; you don’t need a laptop or Internet connection. If you’re looking for a system to manage to-do lists that you can access from anywhere, reQall is a good choice. Read More about reQall Helps You Remember Stuff, Anywhere

Recall Everything With reQall

I like to think I do a pretty good job of keeping the major stuff in order, on track, and on time. Where I begin to lose focus is in the personal details of my life. Ask me what I’m doing this weekend for instance, and I’ll almost always defer to my lovely activities coordinator (e.g. my fantastic wife). So you could say I’ve been very much in need of some ubiquitous way of managing these ‘little’ tasks that tend to slip through the cracks of my memory.
I’ve done my best to mash the likes of Evernote and other reminder/note taking/productivity apps available on the iPhone, into my natural workflow throughout the day. But no matter the level of effort I’ve applied to each, it’s been a larger task to utilize these solutions than it has been a help to me. You may have guessed it by now — this is where reQall comes screaming in as my saving grace.
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Why Did CBS Buy DotSpotter?

[qi:014] In these irrational times, let me attempt to offer a rational explanation for why CBS bought DotSpotter. Unlike Matthew Ingram, I have actually heard of DotSpotter, and wrote about them a while ago, so I know a couple of things about this company. First, they have an awesome team of developers, the kind CBS (CBS) badly needs. Second, if Last.fm was CBS’ Radio 2.0, then DotSpotter is their Water Cooler 2.0.

OK, as I said, this is just an attempt to explain why they bought this little-known company. My sources say the price is not, I repeat, not $10 million, but much lower. Of course, CBS doesn’t wanna talk about it!