Avoiding potential sales block, RIM settles patent dispute with Nokia

At a good time for both involved parties, Nokia and Research In Motion have settled all current patent litigation, just in time for RIM to debut BlackBerry 10 devices. Details are confidential, but RIM will make a lump-sum payment and pay ongoing royalties to Nokia.

Why many are unlikely to switch to Windows Phone or BlackBerry 10

Current Windows Phone 8 and upcoming BlackBerry 10 handsets look great, but will people switch? Not likely, and even first-time smartphone owners may balk. It’s a perfect example of old phrase, “timing is everything” as most smartphone innovation has already taken place.

Leaked video shows off upcoming BlackBerry 10 smartphone

Research In Motion is pinning its hopes on new smartphones using a much improved platform, but the company isn’t showing off the final product until next month. A video surfaced today one of the reported new phones, giving a potential glimpse of RIM’s future.

Video demo: Free BBM voice calls over Wi-Fi on BlackBerry

Just one month after announcing free voice calls over Wi-Fi in BlackBerry Messenger, Research In Motion delivers the feature to all handsets running BB 6 OS or better. A video demo shows the added functionality, which could save money for some, easy to use.