BBM Voice: RIM adds Wi-Fi voice calling to BlackBerry Messenger

BlackBerry 6 OS devices now have a new BBM feature: Voice calls over Wi-Fi. The software, which is coming to BB 5 as well, can help BlackBerry users talk and text at the same time, while cutting down on voice minute usage; good for emerging markets.

Why the internet of things needs ‘curated openness’

The internet of things is for real, even if it’s nowhere near the nirvana of devices that speak with each other and take care of our every waking need automatically. The only way it will get there, says RIM’s Sebastian Marineau-Mes, is with industry-wide standards.

Amid slowing phone sales, Android makes gains

Overall handset sales slumped last quarter as consumers face economic challenges or are waiting for newer phone models. But Android keeps outpacing iOS devices while handsets from Research In Motion and Nokia continue to drop, although Windows Phone is showing signs of sales life.

Here’s why Samsung isn’t likely to license BlackBerry from RIM

Research In Motion shares leapt on an analyst report suggesting Samsung was considering to license BlackBerry 10 for its phones. Anything is possible, even no-cost licensing to gain market share, but it doesn’t make sense. Nearly 1 of every 2 Android phones sold is a Samsung.

Don’t count Microsoft out yet: Phone shipments grow 227%

Android and iOS have run away with the smartphone market, leaving others to fight for the remaining scraps. Windows Phone appears to be making some headway, however, as BlackBerry falters. Could Microsoft’s Windows 8 launch help boost phone sales due to a halo effect?

What impact will LTE add to RIM’s PlayBook? (Hint: Zip)

Research In Motion is reportedly prepping an LTE PlayBook tablet for at least one Canadian network but it’s unlikely to boost tablet sales. Instead, the company should be focused on getting its new OS on phones sooner or improving the tablet in other ways.

From bad to worse: jury directs RIM to pay $147.2M

The hits just keep coming for the struggling Blackberry maker, with a San Francisco federal court jury on Friday directing it to pay up for violating technology patents in some of its enterprise software. And these damages could triple once government and foreign sales are included.

Developers see bleak BlackBerry future, use Android as a backup

A survey of mobile application developers shows falling confidence in the future of BlackBerry devices. Aside from waning support for RIM’s mobile platform, recently announced to be a late delivery, nearly a third of BlackBerry programmers are shifting to Google Android efforts.