Sharp’s 4K smartphone screens are going to be great for virtual reality

Sharp is working on a screen with a 2560 x 1600 resolution in a 4.1-inch LCD panel, which would work out to an eye-popping 736 pixels per inch. The new screens may not significantly improve your smartphone experience, but the extra pixels could end up being essential for immersive virtual reality.

ARM buys in display processor tech from Cadence

ARM now owns Cadence’s PANTA line of display controller core designs, which should help it better support multimedia applications on high-resolution displays without sucking too much battery power.

How to Fix OS X 10.5.7 DVI-HDMI Screen Resolution Issues

Apple (s aapl) had finally released OS X 10.5.7, so I downloaded the combo updater in preparation to install on my three Macs. After installing the update on my MacBook Pro and my wife’s iMac without any issues, I ran the combo updater on my Mac mini that’s hooked up to my TV.

My TV’s native resolution is 1360×768 and ever since I got the Mac mini, this has worked flawlessly and with an extremely crisp picture when using a DVI-HDMI cable. So it was to my dismay when, after installing OS X 10.5.7 and the mini rebooted, the resolution displayed was completely wrong. “Ah, it must have reset, I’ll go change it back,” I thought to myself. So I went to the Display preference pane in System Preferences and looked for 1360×768, but it wasn’t there. I blinked and looked again; it still wasn’t there. Read More about How to Fix OS X 10.5.7 DVI-HDMI Screen Resolution Issues

My Web Working Resolution: Be More Green

green_bulb_cropI didn’t make many New Year’s resolutions this year. I cut out all those destined to fail, and instead focused on some that I have at least a little hope of achieving. A lot were work related, and one in particular applies primarily to web work. That resoultion? To be more green in my work practices.

It was something I hadn’t paid particular attention to since leaving an office setting. At my last corporate gig, I was instrumental is establishing a proper recycling program. It was easy because it was me vs. the corporate climate. At home, with no machine to rage against, I hadn’t even realized how much could be done.

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Open Thread: What’s Your New Year’s Resolution?

I’m planning to have a good 2009 – and this is going to be the year that I actually plan that. I’ve managed to muddle through the past couple of years of web working without any major plans, but like many of you, the economy has me worried. So I’ve set myself some quarterly goals of how I want my business to be doing – in terms of income stream and diversification – and my main resolution is to actually keep those goals in front of me and work towards them.

There’s plenty of debate about how useful resolutions are, or whether there’s some more productive way to spend the last or first day of the year. But they’re certainly traditional, and this is a good time to take stock. According to, you can increase you chances of following through by having a written plan – so why not share the resolution with the rest of us, as a first step towards writing it down?

2009 is the year you resolve to …

Laptops, Screen Sizes, and Resolutions, Oh My!

With the entire Mac world seemingly focused on the next-generation MacBook and MacBook Pro models, I’d like to put in my $.02 regarding screen sizes.

For all the hope and pie-in-the-sky dreams of new models incorporating some touch screen or tablet characteristics, the latest rumors would seem to confirm that these will still be more or less conventional laptops, used in conventional ways, with conventional applications. Maybe that sounds boring, but let’s not pretend the new models could possibly have been such a paradigm shift that we’d suddenly stop running our usual productivity software on them, OK?

Though I’ve never liked the wide screen form factor, preferring vertical to horizontal space, like most people I modified my work habits to take advantage of the horizontal real estate. This Spring, screen manufacturers began moving more to a 16:9 screen ratio from the current 16:10. Sony, Acer, and Lenovo have already introduced models with such screens, and we may very well see them incorporated in the next generation of Apple laptops as well.
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