How to prepare your iOS 6 device for Apple’s iOS 7 update

Updating your iOS device can be a simple and easy process, provided you take certain precautions up front. These simple steps can minimize your opportunity to lose data and will maximize your chances for a successful iOS update.

iOS 101: Set up and restore from iCloud backup

With the arrival of iCloud backups we are free from needing to attach your iOS device to iTunes to have it backed up. Gone are the annoying delays when you just want to sync something quick, but need to suffer through “Backing up…” first.

iOS 101: How to recover from an app or device failure

It happens to the best of us, and usually at the worst times: Your device freezes up or iOS decides to go on a long weekend without you. Don’t panic, though; there are a number of options to help get your iPhone/iPad/iPod up and running again.

iOS 101: Migrating to a New iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch

When you get a new iOS device, such as a new iPad 2, you’ll probably want to transfer data, settings and content from an old device to the new one. Luckily, even if you’re new to Apple products, it’s not difficult to do. Here’s how.

Recover Older Versions of iPhone Apps After Updating

Updates are usually a good thing, but not always. Occasionally an update disappoints, and I would prefer to go back. Accordingly, I discovered a series of techniques to roll back the clock and get an older version of my apps back on my iOS device.

Samsung Reclaim: Eco-friendly Cell Phone

Since I now have an iPod touch that can get a Wi-Fi signal from my Overdrive hotspot, when I lost my venerable Treo 755p, I decided to see if I could do without a smartphone — and the expensive monthly plan that most of them require.

AT&T Specifies iPhone MMS Go-Live Date


AT&T (s att) customers can finally get their multimedia messaging on come the end of September, according to a company spokesman speaking to TUAW’s Mel Martin today. The official go-live date is Sept. 25, which falls only a tad short of the company’s original late summer prediction for the service.

Spokesman Brad Mays ascribes the lateness of MMS’ arrival to the unmatched size of AT&T’s iPhone user base. The U.S. provider does have far more subscribers than any other carrier globally, and its network has shown signs of strain already. No doubt significant infrastructure build or reconfiguration was required to enable MMS support. Read More about AT&T Specifies iPhone MMS Go-Live Date

Beginning Mac: Time Machine


Backing up your computer is an essential task that many of us neglect until something goes horribly wrong. With OS X Leopard, Apple (s aapl) has made it much easier to ensure that your data is always backed up and protected through a feature called Time Machine.

Time Machine is an application that automatically synchronizes your computer hard drive with another storage device every hour. Reverting to an older version of a file is simple, facilitated through an interesting ‘space-like’ interface.

This article will provide an introduction to Time Machine, explain how best to set your computer up, and the process of restoring a backup if you accidentally delete data or suffer a hard drive failure.
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Lazarus: Bring Lost Forms Back to Life

I may be prone to worrying, but I don’t think I’m the only one who feels more than a tinge of concern when I need to fill out an online form, especially when its for something important, like a job application.
It just seems like there’s so much that can go wrong and information will be lost before I get to the submit button. Even posting in forums or comments sections can be a little unnerving, because you’re trusting that submit button to faithfully deliver the paragraph you just spent a good 10 minutes getting just the way you want it.
Lazarus, an add-on for Firefox, now makes the internet slightly less ephemeral, and provides an insurance policy in case that submit button isn’t cooperating.
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