How to manage your privacy with Lion’s “Resume” feature

With OS X Lion’s incredible success and high adoption rate, Apple customers and repair technicians such as myself are facing higher than usual rates of embarrassment thanks to Lion’s ability to restore your windows exactly as they were when an app was closed.

The Future of Work Won’t Contain Resumes

Technology is making the resume obsolete. Now, some candidates send LinkedIn profiles in lieu of resumes. But sites like oDesk and eLance more closely reflect the future of resumes and how companies hire because they use reputation data to shed light on a candidate.

Some iPhone Coders Padding Resumés With Lies

Resume IconAccording to a report by the Silicon Alley Insider, if you’re looking to hire an iPhone dev, it’s probably best to make sure you do a thorough background check before you do. Some coders have been claiming credit for work they didn’t do, and are using the false accolades to try and wrestle more work from unsuspecting companies and individuals looking to cash in on the App Store phenomenon.

Some of the lies being perpetrated are coming from firms that look otherwise legit. Lots of offshore development companies are cashing in on the trend by providing low-cost alternatives to in-house or domestic U.S. solutions, and some of those are taking serious heat for what appear to be bald-faced lies. Read More about Some iPhone Coders Padding Resumés With Lies

CeeVee: Resumes Done Right

CeeVee - quick & painless résumé managementIf you’re looking for work, whether a full-time position or a series of gigs, sooner or later you’ll need to send in a copy of your resume. This simple request can be the cause of a surprising number of problems. Depending on what type of software you used to write your resume, you may find that a prospective employer can’t open it, winds up with a corrupted copy or refuses to take the chance of opening a file that might contain a virus. One of the easiest solutions to these problems is posting your resume online and simply sending your prospective employer a link.

CeeVee simplifies the process of posting your resume online. The team behind CeeVee is working on developing more tools that will help employers and employees connect, but the minimalist approach to resume-building taken with CeeVee makes it a particularly useful tool. Read More about CeeVee: Resumes Done Right

New Features Warrant a Second Look for Raveal

raveallogoA little while ago, I took a look at a new job search/resumé posting website called Raveal. It billed itself as the next big thing in online career finding, but I wasn’t totally convinced it was much different than its predecessors or Workopolis.
Flowz, the developer behind Raveal, has since introduced a variety of new features to try to up the game of the fledgling web site. Some of these are little more than aesthetic upgrades, but some are substantial improvements that really change the way the site works at its core. Read More about New Features Warrant a Second Look for Raveal

WorkScore: A Social Resume

MyWorkScoreSome employers don’t place a lot of credence on traditional resumes: even a completely truthful resume may not provide a clear impression of a prospective employee’s abilities and skills. WorkScore, which launches today, is a system that allows you to gather documentation and confirmation of your skills from your co-workers, allowing you to offer a potential employer a “social resume.” Read More about WorkScore: A Social Resume