Options for Managing Many Online Identities

social-network-iconsAs social networks have proliferated, it’s sometimes hard to remember where one’s online identities may be found. And if you have a common name, as I do, people sometimes can’t tell which Charles Hamilton I am. (No, I’m not a rap artist!)

Thus, there are a number of sites that are intended to help put all of your online presences in one place. I’ve tried a few of these aggregators. They all have their strengths and weaknesses, so check them out, and see which options might work for you. Read More about Options for Managing Many Online Identities

StatShot: Most DVRd Shows This Season, Top TV Shows on Twitter

As you might expect, after dominating the weekly charts of the biggest DVR audiences, Grey’s Anatomy finds itself as the show with the biggest DVR audience this season to date (ending on Nov. 30). The rest of the top 10 doesn’t hold any surprises (House, The Office, etc.). Check out the full list of the top 20 DVRd shows over at TV by the Numbers.


Trendrr tells us that over on Twitter, Heroes still held all the buzz with the most tweets from Dec. 9-15, but in a surprise turn of events The Big Bang Theory bumped Family Guy from the top five. Should I be watching that show?

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A Second Look at Evernote, Joint Contact, Backboard, Retaggr and Zemanta

I’ve been blogging here about Web apps and ideas for work for a while now so I thought I’d revisit some of the apps I’ve posted about in the past months. Where are they now? What are some of their latest developments?

Ever Improving Evernote

EvernoteI blogged about Evernote back in April while they were still in private beta. Mike Gunderloy has also covered them several times. Judi Sohn has also mentioned them a few times including recently.

The latest from Evernote seems to be some tweaking to add more finesse to the application’s versions on the Web, via Mobile Web and on the iPhone such as:

  • Rich text editing including bullets, colors, and styles on their Web version.
  • A new web clipper Firefox and Flock extension for Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • The ability to change the title of a note during web clipping
  • The ability to edit text notes on Evernote Mobile Web and soon on iPhone.

I like the way Evernote uses social media communications to stay in touch with customers including FriendFeed and via a Facebook fan page.

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Retaggr is Your Online Business Card

Retaggr let’s you create a “profile card” that you can display on your Web site, blog or anywhere else you can embed their customizable widget to give people a snapshot of who you are and what you do. In a nutshell, retaggr is a social media-enabled online business card.


Once you set up a free Retaggr account, you can add a photo, include your status that can be easily linked to your Twitter account to show recent tweets, and link to your blog and include the RSS feed to pull up the most recent posts in your card. Read More about Retaggr is Your Online Business Card

NBC Finds More People Watching Full Episodes

NBC released new research today that it says shows a large chunk of its online audiences are watching full-length episodes of programs — and better remembering the ads in them. The research was funded by NBC, so take it with a grain of self-promoting salt, but it does seem to fall in line with previous independent research.

NBC found 77 percent of its NBC Rewind player users were streaming shows as a complement to TV viewing, with most saying they were catching up on missed episodes. Solutions Research Group had earlier found that 20 percent of the U.S. online population watched TV on the web on a weekly basis, and 21 percent of all visits to major network sites were to watch a specific show. The NBC number is a little vague as to how many “most” is, but its numbers do suggest that people are searching for particular shows.

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Ice Cube: Straight Outta Redmond

For a guy who once rapped that it was a good day when he didn’t have to use his AK, Ice Cube’s life seems to have gotten easier. Cube has traded bullets for codecs as he’s now an apparent pitchman for Microsoft’s Silverlight video technology.

Video: Ice Cube's UVNTV.com goes live with Microsoft Silverlight
Who knew Cube was so against Flash? According to the embarrassingly staged completely natural testimonial, Silverlight was essential to promoting building their UVNTV broadband network. To Cube’s point, if Microsoft’s willing to pay, that would definitely be a good day.

kct opinion: Vista can run well on mobile devices

I’ve read through James’ opinion piece entitled "Vista will never run well on mobile devices" several times. I’ve also read the many comments that the post generated. While I agree with the observable facts, I’m actually finding that I have a completely different experience. How so and why is that? Good questions which I’ll address in this opinon-based article. I can only provide my thoughts from my own experiences here and there’s no doubt that your own experiences will vary. And that’s the key premise behind the issue at hand; but first: my experiences with Vista on my Samsung Q1P UMPC.

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Skype This and Skype That

Every since I posted my last piece on Skype, there has been a deluge of Skype Related information. For instance, Simon Perry has a great review of the Siemens-Skype Gigaset S440 phone. He likes it. I think it looks nice, though no idea about the quality and sound. Given that most of Siemens phones are of high quality, this will be no different. Meanwhile James “Kiddan” Enck has discovered that more and more corporate types are using Skype to manage global projects. Peace Corps and Accenture are two names he just throws out.

Yet another VoIP provider

aka VoIP.Net. Its dot.coms all over again. If you have the URL, you can start a company. Residential plans start at $12.95/month for the Basic Plan and $19.95/month for the Unlimited Plan