The battle of bricks, clicks and logistics

Retailing is becoming a multi-front war, with online retailers adding on-the-ground capabilities such as same-day delivery, while brick-and-mortar merchants ramp up their online efforts.

The return of bricks-and-clicks

Traditional retailing continues to undergo disruption as e-commerce overturns long-established consumer behaviors. But new mobile tools for merchants and a new platform push by eBay aimed at brick-and-mortar operators are giving traditional retailers an e-commerce leg up and may finally let them deliver on the promise of bricks-and-clicks.

Shopping app Checkpoints drives product discovery

Shopping apps are like InMarket’s Checkpoints apps are becoming powerful discovery tools for brands looking to get the word out on their products. InMarket said 50 percent of its users discovered new products using the Checkpoints app in the fourth quarter last year.

Shopkick scored $110M for partners in 2011

Shopkick started putting all the pieces together with its location-based shopping app last year, helping retailers not only drive foot traffic and engagement, but also incentivizing purchases. The company said retailers and brand partners generated more than $110 million in revenue in 2011.

BlackLocus and the retailing price revolution

The top 20 Internet retailers changed their prices 30 times more often than their peers who had lower sales during the holiday season in 2011, according to BlackLocus, a startup that helps companies set competitive prices online. Its goal is to transform retail pricing with data.

Target confirms Apple mini-store test program

Target will soon offer store-within-a-store-type setups in 25 of its locations, the company revealed during a presentation on Thursday. The move backs up a report from last week that suggested Apple may be extending its partnership with the U.S. retail chain.

Today in Connected Consumer

What recession? U.S. shoppers were out in force over the Thanksgiving weekend, spending a record $52.4 billion and getting the holiday shopping season off to an unexpectedly strong start. That’s raised hopes among online retailers that the trend will continue through today, Cyber-Monday, a made-up phenomenon that has nonetheless been more or less officially adopted by e-commerce sites as the focus of Black Friday-like promotions and discounts. Analysts estimate cyber-sales could reach $1.2 billion today, topping last year’s $1. 0 billion, while mobile e-commerce sales could double. Don’t expect much work to get done today, however. Roughly half of today’s online shopping is expected to be done while at work.