Reva: Trade in Your Gas Car For An Electric One

Reva, the Indian electric car company that had one of the best-selling electric vehicles in the world last year, is holding a “gas-to-electric-car” exchange in Bangalore this weekend. The idea is to bring in your gas car and maybe, just maybe, come out with a brand-new REVAi.

There are very few details as to how the exchanges are being valued, only that used car dealer Mahindra First Choice will be making the evaluations and the State Bank of India will help customers with “finance matters.” So getting a new REVAi might need some cash in addition to your gas car.
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Does your house VoIP?

oldphone.jpegThe looming VoIP patent mess not withstanding, In-Stat, a market research firm says that 9% of US households were using VoIP at the end of 2006, up by one percent at the end of September 2006. By In-Stat’s estimate, there were about 10.6 million households where at least one member was using some form of VoIP-service at the end of 2006.

If you add up 5 million-plus cable subscribers, 2 million Vonage subscribers and a few of the other independents, you are still left with a few million households that I guess are Skypers and a few hundred thousand Gizmo Project users.

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Microsoft Voice Command 1.5 released

Microsoft has updated the Voice Command program to version 1.5.  The new version adds a number of new features including spoken caller ID and support for Windows Media Player 10.  The update is free for registered users of earlier versions and you will find complete program information (and video demos) on the Voice Command web site.  Complete list of program features after the jump.

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