Cable’s answer to the NewFront? Discovery buys Revision3

With digital companies like YouTube and Yahoo making aggressive pitches for cable ad dollars, one of cable TV’s stalwart programmers, Discovery Communications, rendered a bold response Thursday, purchasing top digital program provider Revision3 for $30 million.

Revision3 bets on HTML5, drops Flash player development

Revision3 rolled out a new, HTML5-based video player to standardize its user experience across web browsers and on mobile and connected devices. At the same time, it made a strategic decision to phase out support of Flash and throw more development resources behind HTML5 instead.

Revision3: our favorite Diggnation moments

The hosts of Diggnation are finally getting off the couch at the end of the year — but what moments were their favorite over the course of the show’s seven-year run? We asked David Prager, Alex Albrecht and Jim Louderback that question. And we found videos!

Revision3 Gets Lifehacker Show; Next Up: Sports & Cars

Revision3 published the first episode of its new weekly Lifehacker web series today, produced in cooperation with the popular Gawker blog. The show is just one attempt to tap new audiences, and Revision3’s Ryan Vance said shows targeting sports or car geeks could be next.

That’s Why You Diversify: Revision3 Reaches Profitability

Today independent web video producer Revision3 is claiming the position of the number one over the top network, with viewership increasing 165 percent and, as of Q4 2010, achieving “sustained profitability.” How’d they do it? A wide variety of content, diversified distribution, and maybe Mark Cuban.