YouTube Quietly Launches Live Beta With New Partners

YouTube’s first test of live video last year showed low viewer counts and low-quality, jittery streams. But not to be deterred, it is rolling out a new beta test of YouTube Live, with Revision3’s DiggNation serving as the first big stress test of the service.

Revision3 Teams Up with The Onion for AV Club Show

Revision3 teamed up with a serious player in the arts and entertainment space to produce its new weekly A.V. Talk show: The movie-focused show comes straight from the Onion’s AV Club, which has been producing a popular audio podcast by the same name for years.

Dan 3.0’s Launch Doubles Revision3 Site Traffic

Dan 3.0, Revision3 and YouTuber Dan Brown’s daily experiment in crowd-sourcing content ideas, has gotten off to a solid start this week. site traffic doubled on Monday when the show launched, and over 5,000 suggestions have been made for activities.

5 Questions With…Revision3 CEO Jim Louderback

Revision3 CEO Jim Louderback’s been in the digital space for over 20 years. Today, he adds a new word to our database of Buzzwords People Hate, defends Annoying Orange and addresses whether or not Rev3 will ever reach out to demographics beyond the 18-34-year-old male.

3Crowd Launches CrowdDirector, Signs Break Media & Rev3

3Crowd Technologies, a startup providing technology that helps publishers manage content delivery in the cloud, announced that it has made its CrowdDirector product generally available. And as proof that it works, 3Crowd said it has managed to sign up Break Media and Revision3 as customers.

Penn Jillette’s Crackle to Revision3 Switch An Upgrade

Magician/writer/comedian/etcetera Penn Jillette is someone you’d call a talent. And while Jillette’s contributions to the web video world have always been pretty low-key, basically consisting of him ranting on camera, it’s a skill that’s left him in high demand.

Rev3’s Food Mob Shows Men Their Place In the Kitchen

[show=foodmob size=large]You know that old stereotype: Girls think guys who know how to cook are just a little more sexy? As a girl, I’m happy to report that yes, it’s often true. And yet — and here’s another stereotype that’s often true — young men in their 20s resort to Trader Joe’s ready meals or Rice-a-Roni or Jack in the Box for their daily sustenance rather than develop those skills.

Revision3’s latest nonfiction entry, the instructional Food Mob, seems primed to correct that. “I want to cook food that anyone can cook,” says host Niall Harbison before launching into a demonstration of how to make blueberry and white chocolate pancakes (which look amazing). The second episode tackles more savory fare — specifically, the perfect steak — and over twenty Food Mob Bites segments offer quick demos of basic dishes.

While not explicitly said to be geared towards heterosexual young men, Food Mob is clearly meant for that particular demographic, with Harbison suggesting that they might prepare said pancakes for “your friends or your girlfriend” (not, say, your boyfriend, your spouse or your children). Also, in the second episode Harbison wears a t-shirt saying “I’m only two girls short of a threesome.” Classy.

But Food Mob does end up being a pretty good, if basic, cooking show, scattered with fun quick tips on food presentation and preparation. Read More about Rev3’s Food Mob Shows Men Their Place In the Kitchen

SXSW: The Future Application Ecosystem

In a world of web-based services that depend on aggregating other data sources, your product will only be as strong as your weakest API call. We are seeing the emergence of new ecosystems of data built around cloud providers and popular APIs such as Twitter’s.