Thinglink launches rich pictures, plans images 2.0

The web may have revolutionized video and audio, but the humble still image hasn’t altered much over the years. That could change thanks to Finland’s Thinglink, which has unveiled the latest part of its plan to turn photographs into a true multimedia platform.

Handicapping Facebook’s Next Billion-Dollar Business(es)

Amidst reports that it was having trouble unloading $1 billion worth of shares at a very rich valuation, Facebook last week started testing its first home-grown social commerce product, Facebook Deals. Already facing stiff competition from Groupon and LivingSocial, will Deals be Facebook’s next billion-dollar business? Competitors, marketers and developers hoping to leverage the Facebook platform need to figure out how Facebook will continue to grow.

Flypaper 2.0 Improves Flash Content Creator

img-flypaper.pngBack in November I was quite impressed with Flypaper, a Windows application that lets you create, manage and reuse Flash content. With version 2.0 the Flypaper team brings many enhancements to an already-strong product.

The interface isn’t radically different but there are usability tweaks. It’s now easier to add content to many pages automatically and navigation between items is now much easier.

The real enhancements to this version, though, focus on collaboration. There is now built in real-time capability to mark up and make notes about any element of a project. By integrating this functionality right in to the application, it makes it really easy to share mock-ups and comps and gather feedback on works in progress, especially for larger teams.

In addition, companies can now create a repository for storage and so provide centralized accesss to content and projects.

Flypaper is still a great way to create Flash content for your projects and your clients, but with this version, it does make the jump towards being more of an enterprise-level product, and the pricing represents it. It is still a great option for those looking for a powerful way to create rich media content and these enhancements make it a great option for large distributed design firms or companies who outsource their Flash development.

Individual seat licenses start at $795 annually, with the enterprise platform starting at $9,995

Flypaper is still available for Windows only and a free trial is available.

Have you tried Flypaper? Do these Flypaper improvements make it a more compelling option for your rich media creation needs?