Netflix just became cable’s biggest TV network

Netflix streamed one billion hours to its subscribers in June, according to a note posted today by its CEO Reed Hastings. BTIG analyst Rich Greenfield calculates that this makes it cable’s biggest TV network, with viewers tuning in 80 minutes per day.

Is Cablevision about to launch a Netflix competitor, too?

With chief James Dolan mentioning unspecified software investments during Cablevision’s first-quarter earnings report Thursday morning, BTIG Research analyst Richard Greenfield believes the company is on the cusp of announcing a subscription video-on-demand service similar to Comcast’s Streampix.

Will the next Apple TV be launched with Dish or DirecTV?

Apple may decide not to reinvent the wheel for any upcoming Apple TV product. Instead of offering access to integrated live TV feeds, it may partner with existing pay TV operators. Best suited for this kind of partnership may just be Dish or DirecTV.

Survey says: Hollywood could make more money without windows

A survey conducted by BTIG analyst Richard Greenfield shows that Hollywood studios would likely make more revenue with the collapse of movie windows. More importantly, those sales would come with better margins since they wouldn’t be sharing with exhibitors.