Inside the Mind of Demand Media’s Richard Rosenblatt

Demand Media, a Los Angles-based company started by former Intermix/MySpace CEO Richard Rosenblatt has earned the scorn for its content factory approach. With $200 million in revenues and profits, Rosenblatt is laughing all the way to the bank. My notes from a conversation with Rosenblatt

Party Update: Pluck Purchase Price

Earlier this month, when Demand Media purchased Pluck, the price wasn’t disclosed. But judging from a comment made last night at a post-merger shindig held in Austin, Texas, the social news software startup was worth $70 million. “I should have gotten a t-shirt for $70 million, and all I got was this,” Demand CEO Richard Rosenblatt said after Pluck CEO Dave Panos passed him a stack of presents. Inside was a Texas-sized lode of stereotypes from a cowboy hat to a bullwhip — which, if the economy continues to falter, Rosenblatt may need to crack.