London’s burning, and BlackBerry’s in the firing line

After a weekend of riots in London, reports are spreading suggesting that mobs are using BlackBerry Messenger to organize themselves. That news may come as a surprise, but it’s really just evidence of how popular the brand is in the inner city.

New OS 7 phones won’t help BlackBerry’s turnaround

Research In Motion announced five new BlackBerry 7 handsets, which will start to arrive in stores by the end of this month. BlackBerry faithful will be happy, but the handsets still represent a transition for the company, which will use QNX software to power newer phones.

RIM’s Woes Worsen: Reported Delays and Slowing Sales

If I said one of the leading smartphone companies faces a decline in market share as it works to transition to a new mobile operating system, would you say I was talking about Nokia? That would be right, but Research In Motion is just as correct.

Apple Holds Smartphone Lead, But Android Is Gaining

While Android surges among new smartphone buyers, Apple iOS continues to hold on to the overall marketshare lead, though still within spitting distance of a fading BlackBerry OS and a hard-charging Android OS, according to the latest figures from the Nielsen Company.

New MacBooks and MacBook Pros Just Around the Corner?

If you’ve been sitting there twiddling your thumbs while Apple announced the iPad, then just recently began talking about iPhone OS 4.0, then news of what’s going on with the Mac line (yes, Apple still makes computers) will probably come as a welcome surprise.

Obama Girl Gets Action Heroine Look From Shear Genius

Ettinger poses for a headshot on SHEAR GENIUS.

Last night, my flight from SFO to LAX was stuck on the runway, and so I was channel-surfing the DirecTV (s dtv) provided by Virgin Airlines. It was an exercise in minimizing boredom, not to mention enjoying a few minutes off the clock — which is why I found it super weird to see Amber Lee Ettinger, better known to the Internet as Obama Girl, getting a haircut on the Bravo (s GE) reality series Shear Genius (it’s like Project Runway, but for hair stylists).
Ettinger was just one of seven aspiring model/actresses getting new looks for headshots, and while the stylist-contestant assigned to her identified her as Obama Girl, otherwise there wasn’t much made of Ettinger’s online fame. The reason for that might have been this: Ettinger wasn’t appearing on Shear Genius to bolster the Obama Girl brand. In fact, her target for one of her new looks was to hopefully get a role as the lead in an action film — according to Shear Genius contestant/stylist Brig, “the role she’s after is ‘strong female lead in an action flick.'”
So Ettinger is pursuing an acting career — does that mean Obama Girl is dead? Read More about Obama Girl Gets Action Heroine Look From Shear Genius

Spectrum Shortage Will Strike in 2013

The demand for mobile broadband will surpass the spectrum currently available some time in mid-2013 according to an analyst. Without new spectrum, the demand for bandwidth consuming services will lead to a crappy user experience, or heavy-handed pricing and limitations on mobile application from carriers.

Stat Shot: How the iPhone Changed the Handset Market

The change in the mobile phone market caused by the introduction of Apple’s iPhone has slightly cut the profits for the handset industry overall, but has most severely affected Nokia and Sony Ericsson, while boosting Research in Motion, according to data released today from Deutsche Bank.

What’s Left of Nortel Today?

Almost a year after Nortel filed for bankruptcy, we take a look at what’s left of the 114-year-old company that began as Northern Electric and Manufacturing to sell telephones to Canadians. All that remains are some patents and an IP phone joint venture with LG.