Standard at the New Standard: The Game of News

Diehards have tried to revive The Industry Standard, the original dot-com tome that went bust in 2001, more than once over the years. But even their most recent efforts have been met with, at best, muted enthusiasm. More evidence of a bubble, the New York Times declared of the latest revival; can the market bear one more tech pub? PaidContent asked. No one’s ever really thought a rerun of the house-party-throwing-new-economy-cheerleader was a good idea. (Wait a second…)

But this time the Standard holdouts and their patrons at IDG are onto something with The Standard deux (which comes out of beta today) — it’s just that this time what they’re onto isn’t really news, but gaming.

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Hurry Up and Bounce

[qi:053] A bounce in technology stocks, at this point, is inevitable. With the S&P’s tech sector down 10 percent so far this year — and a bearish-looking 20 percent since last summer — it’s just a matter of time before the sellers get tired and others step in to buy, if only for short-term gains.
That leaves two questions: The first is when will the bounce come? And more importantly, what happens then? Is it the proverbial dead cat? Or is it a chance to get in on a sure-fire recovery now that the worst is past? Without a doubt, there’s as much uncertainty now as there has been in a while, and an absence of indicators tends to make us read the worst into the vague gloom. Further, there’s plenty of gloom to read into. Read More about Hurry Up and Bounce

Year-End Folly: Pin the Tail on the Stocks

I’ve taken seven of the more interesting stocks of 2007 — all stocks that inspired a good deal of passionate discussion and, for the most part, a good deal of capital gains — and ranked them according to how I think they’ll perform in 2008. Take a look.